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Run....don't walk, stroll or lollygag.  This production is worth it. 'Burial at Thebes' is somewhat reminescent of the Gospel at Colunus, which I bought the tape for on the spot.  J.D. Steele and Marcela Lorca have made an immensely memorbale production of the story of Antigone told by Sophocles....
Many organizations are working on finding warmth for kids for the upcoming COLD season, and you can help!  Check in with the Salvation Army on their Coats for Kids Drive October 3 -16th.  This is an effort sponsored by Kowalski's  AmeriPride Services LOVE 105 FM and Eyewitness News 5.  Check out ...
As an Ambassador, I didn't realize that I was not within the guidelines by posting recipes here on the Rain.  I have thought about this for quite sometime, and finally decided that perhaps not all of you are aware, whether Ambassadors or not, that you cannot post jokes or recipes as posts on Acti...
Debbie has had a great post here.  The statistics for being diagnosed with breast cancer stun me.  But, the survival rate is increasing daily.  If you can support this cause, I urge you to do so, if not with a gown, a veil or slip, then cash will do.  Thanks, and be sure to thank Debbie for a gre...
Have you always wanted to live in Colorado as I have?  Well, I am pretty happy here, too, but, if I were to move, I would ask Dick and Mary to find a home for me. This one happens to fit my tastes perfectly, but you might want something a little different.  Whatever your heart desires, in their C...
I recently finished the book What It Like to Go to War.  What an education.  I am not in favor of any of the wars we are currently waging, but no one cares what I think.  This book is about Viet Nam and the hell that our soldiers went through, and then their tough reintegration into society.  Bas...
We can list your house before we leave the listing appointment.  How is that for speedy? When you want great quality service and excellent negotiating skills, call Sabinske & Associates! And be sure to thank Don for the great post! Leaving a Listing Appointment and Showing the Listing on the MLS ...
When you have some time to "waste", but don't feel like wasting it, wouldn't you like to learn or re-learn something that makes you feel better about yourself in more ways than one? Here are some of the topics that can test you on.  LANGUAGE LEARNING German Spanish Italian French HUM...
Kathy Streib is changing our vocabulary....literally.  Declutter is one of the words I really hate.  But, downsizing ranks right up there, too.  Weigh in on your opinion on Kathy's blog.  I am streamlining. Realtors and Stagers... It's Time to Eliminate Another One of Those "D" Words! Last month ...
I really can't imagine if you have been on the Rain for any time at all that you haven't heard of Russel Ray, but, if you haven't, you had better subscribe.  He has tons of great information, loads of photos and a great sense of humor as well. This one was very interesting.  Let him know if you l...

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