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Gosh, when you least expect something like this…the worst thing for a realtor happens.   Well, maybe not the worst, but close.   The computer battery died.  (But, did it? Stay toned, as they say in the comic strips!)   Monday, the battery was fine on my loverly HP Compaq Laptop which stays plugge...
The love of money is the root of all evil.  Well, that might be true, but I think a three-letter word started that whole evil problem.    Nevertheless, when I hear a seller say “Let’s just try it at $$$$.” after showing the SOLD comps, I do an inner cringe.    Trying to overprice anything, especi...
I will be adding to Fred's quite comprehensive list of how (a) home seller(s) may ultimately sabotage their own motivations for selling the property that he/she/they want to sell.   However, since Fred's list is so inclusive, I wanted you to see it here first.  I think that his list is very reali...
Sometimes, we are posed in the middle of a difficult situation. We have an opportunity to be kind and yet we need some guidance on how to make the kindness palatable to those we are trying to help.  I think William raises an issue that, while in the middle of lonesome roads, might apply to those ...
My goodness, this has been a long and troublesome time.  I hated, hated, hated losing Osmo Vanska to this horrible dispute, and the loss is not just ours...“It’s really insane, this intransigence,” said New York-based critic and composer Greg Sandow, who said Vänskä’s resignation in the midst of ...
The pain of losing a child is unbelievable.  I know.  So, whether you have seen this child or not, please pay attention to the may run across this child with someone who may seem to be the parent, guardian or any adult.  CALL the number 617-730-2222 and give as many specifics as you ...
It is rare that Minnesotans who take themselves to be pretty good about enduring cold will even begin to think about changing routines because of the weather, but, thank goodness, our Governor has taken the questioning out of the equation with a decree that ALL Minnesota schools will be closed to...

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