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Julia has made a great point here.  If you have no furniture in your listing, why are you taking pictures of walls and windows?  Everyone has them, no one knows what the room is FOR unless you have some perspective.  A piece of furniture would help.  I rarely take photos of beds and baths by the ...
I am holding an open house tomorrow on this listing.  What a great property....and after the owners give me a tour tomorrow, I will post some of the other great amenities. Hope to see you there! This property is very well-maintained, Great curb appeal on 1.6 acres.  New roof in 2008.  There will ...
The East Coast Rainers might need our help.... They could be facing power outages, ruined businesses and homes.  Let's get together and do what we can besides contributing the Red Cross and other agencies, and keep them going with comments....tell them whatever you want.  A message of caring on t...
Don Sabinske wrote a post earlier about how Hurricane Irene (and that site is the tracker site from CNET) is going to impact communications across the United States for internet communications.  This is serious.  It will impact YOU regardless of where you live.  The financial districts could be h...
When this law was first written and the funding was there, this would have been a great program.  Unfortunately, all of the support was taken out of it by the time the bill was initially signed, and then, to the schools, it became an albatross with lots of mandates, but no money to enforce them o...
I just HAD to reblog this soon-to-be-feature of Lenn's.  It is so spot on.  I would rather have a great conversation going in one of my posts than a feature.  I enjoy getting people talking.  And Lenn is a great example of a wonderful conversationalist. YOU WANT FEATURES!  I WANT FEATURES!  THERE...
Charles is running a great contest.  I have read quite a number of the entries, and I am so impressed with our writing talent in the Rain.  If you haven't had an opportunity to join in the fun just yet, you have until August 31st.  Check it out....and check out the other posts, too!Sending ones k...
Wow!  I can't even type because I am so excited!  I am now an Ambassador! It has been a long journey here in the Rain, but I was always suited for it because I grew up in Washington State where when the sun came out, we wondered what weirdness had happened.  Some of my fondest memories are from t...
This is one of the coolest finds in quite a long time.  And, I have to thank the reblogger for this one, or I would never have seen it. I must get over to the tech group more often. Hope you find as useful as I did.  And, please thank the author. As REALTORS® we spend a lot of time scanning docum...
Do you like old-fashioned pig roasts?  There is nothing like the smell in the air.....of a freshly roasted pig! There will be a celebration at the Crow River Senior Center on Monday, September 12, 2011 beginning at 5 PM.  Feel free to bring the whole family, tickets are $13.00 and everything is i...

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