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On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Amie Cunningham-Smith, You will not have anyone service you better!
(Houlihan Lawrence)
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WHAT DO YOUNG FAMILIES WANT WHEN ESCAPING THE CITY?Given the choice between trying to make ends meet in Manhattan or finding a better quality of life elsewhere, many young families are migrating to Westchester County.The “affordability appeal” is obvious, especially when you consider that the cos...

By Melissa Steele, Residential Sales, Listing & Property Management
(Dennis J Zisa & Associates Inc)
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While purchasing a home is a rite of passage for some, others see it as an unnecessary added expense. Some people see it as a dream to own your own home and build equity, while others would like the freedom to relocate without being tied down to such a huge responsibility. One person may think of...

By Rahul Yadav Digital Marketing SEO
(Rahul Yadav Digital Marketing SEO Social Media PPC Consultant ORM & Advertising Expert Agency)
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Rahul Yadav Digital Marketing SEO Social Media PPC Consultant ORM & Advertising Expert Agency From New Delhi India. Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to increase the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs). Visit us:

By Nguyen Khoa, Công ty TNHH thương mại DV Đầu Tư Nam Đô một trong
(Công ty TNHH thương mại DV Đầu Tư Nam Đô)
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Buying, selling or renting a house in Vietnam, easy though it sounds, can be a challenge for a foreigner. The country’s real estate transactions have been based heavily on the traditional method of having an agent (or “co” - the housing stork) do all the work. People are now becoming more proacti...

By Visit Santa Clara, California Convention Centers
(Visit Santa Clara)
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In this competitive world, for the startup who are planning to start their hotel and hospitality business has become very tough. The already established hotels have successfully attracted their targeted audience, in such a critical situation, for the startup emerging themselves for their competit...

By Simon Edward, I am student of real estate technology
(Real Estate & Builders )
Comments 2
According to the Condo Market report, condo prices increased by 20% in 2017 and 5773 condominium apartments were sold in fourth quarter of 2017. Acquiring a condo in Toronto is a valuable investment down the road but there are also risks too. You need to make informed decision and choose the buil...

By Dendy way, Home stager extraordinaire in Denver
(Dendy way)
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Pole Barn Home Floor Plans-- As the title states, post barn residence truly provides you the easiest and also most convenient home framework. This is rather various than today's residence framework. Having a post barn house suggests that your house proprietor actually has high individual preferen...

By Stephen O'Brien, Realtor serving Monmouth and Ocean County
Comments 3
Bridgepointe is condo community in Old Bridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Conveniently located off Matawan Road and a short distance from route 35, and the Garden State Parkway.A total of 387 townhouse-style condos were constructed in the 1990s and 2000s.The condos vary in size from approximat...

By Linwood Schulte
(Samantha Pexton Real Estate Services)
Comments 3
Although is it a temptation to advertise qualities like, "the world's most fantastic house, in the most beautiful area, with the most amazing features..." as a service to the client you are representing, there is no way to quantify or prove that one home is "the most" of anything or superior to a...

By Mimi Francis, Award Winning Top Realtor serving the Triangle
(A Better Way Homes Realty)
Comments 5
As a new agent, you’re feeling one of two ways.  If you joined an agency known for its training program, you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you’re striving to absorb in your first year of real estate.  If you opted for a smaller agency with little or no training program, you’re...

By Jim Turner, Real estate technology for agents and brokers
(Pro Agent Solutions)
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Successful real estate professionals know how to make the best use of their time. They will take each element of the sales process and seek out the most efficient and effective ways in which to accomplish it. This should include improving the conversion rate on home showings.Here are 5 tips to im...

By Synergy Real Estate, Bakersfield CA Real Estate
(Synergy Real Estate and Property Management)
Comments 6
Bakersfield is one affordable place to raise a family. If you are on the lookout for new homes in this area, there are things you should consider that will ensure you are making the right decision before you commit.Have these tips in mind and you will be happy with your transaction.SET YOUR PRIOR...

By Kaajal Singh, Online Book Store
(MBD Books)
Comments 2
To start one’s journey as student, a book is the first thing that accompanies one. Books are primary tools while assisting any individual to his/her coming in the world of academics. With the implementation of digital learning and new technologies of education, significance of books is still carr...

By Yellow Fin Digital, Website Design and Development Company
(Yellow Fin Digital)
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One of the toughest job in the website development task is to develop a website which has a responsive design. The term "responsive design" will be new to you if you are not a designer. You might also wonder if a business' website should be responsive or not? Implementing the responsive design on...

By John Anver Suleiman, Gulf Beaches Real Estate Listing Agent
(John The Beach Realtor)
Comments 4
1. OVERPRICING: List Pricing - The Most Important DecisionWhen sellers do not listen to their agent who gives them sound pricing strategy advice position themselves for failure. Overpricing results in longer listing time and the home becoming “stale”… Buyers become Leary and wonder if there is so...

By Hills Gastroenterology, The Hills Gastroenterology
(The Hills Gastro)
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We are a team of dedicated, caring professionals who provide the highest quality care available to their patients. With years of experience and top-of-the-line medical technology, you can rest assured thereís no better health care option for your gastroenterological needs. From simple to advanced...

By Alfredo Rodriguez
Comments 3
As a new real estate agent I am finding more and more cases conserning fraud. Why would a real estate agent put their reputation, license, and future on the line for a a quick commission check? It doesnt make sense to me! Was it truely incompetence or did they just not believe they would be caugh...

By Garmin Support, Garmin Customer Service
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Garmin Express Optimizes The Performance Of GPS GadgetsAll strategies and policies of Garmin Customer Service  and management favor the gains of subscribers. As a matter of fact, they regularly get new updates from the company in order to enhance the performance and usefulness of Gamin gadgets. H...

By Heidi Johnson, Educator providing resources & tips for busy moms
(Heidi Naturally)
Comments 6
 Here are the steps to take if you find yourself stuck with a bunch of clutter that you need to work through quickly and efficiently. Depending on how much clutter you have to deal with, this could take a few days or months. Realize You Have Enough. "He who knows he has enough is rich.” Chinese P...

By Jamie McKaye, An avid property investor and analyst of markets
(Forward Thinking Property)
Comments 5
We may all remember that endearing (or maybe not so endearing) saying that our parents used to yell when we’d done something wrong “be grateful for the roof over your head!” – yeah, that one, well – there’s some truth in that the roof is indeed important and we all should be grateful for it – and...