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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By terrell brooksby
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Studing for my test. not going well. having to keep going back over the same material.

By jack larson
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A swimming pool is undoubtedly an investment. Once you have built your house, and there is enough space in the yard. Check your bank balance. If it seems affordable, then what is the point in not investing in smart profitable luxuries?  Are Swimming Pools Really an Investment?Trust me, renovating...
Your logo design is your first step towards creating your brand’s visual identity. However you need to be careful while choosing a logo for your real estate brand because that’s the main factor which determines your brand image; a good one or an ineffective one!In order to choose a good logo desi...

By Janis Benstock, House seller, permission slip signer, Realtor
(Settle Down Philadelphia)
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Are You Looking to Up Your Marketing Game? Video marketing is an excellent way for real estate agents to connect with potential clients, and today’s technology makes it easy and affordable. When using video in real estate marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is showing a house, but that ...

By Noli Ano, Transaction Coordinator
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Any idea where or how I can generate buyer leads? I'm having a hard time getting those leads from properties of my broker selling in.

By Zahra casey, Content Expert
(NCrypted Technologies)
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Today, there are over 4 billion (InternetWorldStats) users on the internet. As a marketer, you might be in a dilemma as to which marketing strategy to use for your business. But since most of your customers are online, it only makes sense to go digital with your marketing approach as well. Before...

By Alan Belcher
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While doing some research into this topic, I have realized the damage goes well beyond just an agent being incompetent. When an agent is incompetent a buyer could lose their earnest money when deadlines aren't met. When an incompetent agent promises certain things and isn't able to deliver for wh...
I'm a mortgage note investor and I'm here to meet some realtors. Feel free to comment below and we can connect.
This blog post is going to be very straight forward. After watching the story from ABC2020 about all the real estate agents that are breaking the code of ethics, and the agent that was using a clients home as a cheap motel, I have a big respect for the enforcement of these rules. People who are i...

By Gail Miller
(Miller Tax & Advisory Services)
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The primary focus of my firm is tax representation in Parkchester, NY. If you have a tax debt with the IRS, then you’ve likely received an IRS collection notice request for payment. Taxpayers often ignore notices because they either don’t believe they owe or cannot pay, but simply ignoring them c...

By Kristen Miller
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The short answer is 'yes'. Investing in real estate is absolutely essential for anyone looking to secure their financial future. Real estate should be one of the core pillars of your investment portfolio for two crucial reasons:  According to a recent research paper from the San Francisco Federal...

By DE Brown
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Setting Up Your Home Budget: What Can I Afford?When it comes to setting up your home budget you may want to talk to a finance advisor. If you do not have the time or ability to discuss your budget with a professional then you need to use the basic rule of thumb with savings versus income. Whereve...

By Jessica Matthews
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Anyone working in real estate will tell you that there are definitely times within your career at one point or another where it's "feast or famine". I think that a good percentage of us thrive off of this excitement, but to some it leads to vulnerabilities that can cause agents to behave in disho...

By Yael Shanee, Find Your Dream Home
(Yael Shanee Real Estate Agent)
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As a person who is looking to sell house fast in Nassau County, NY, it is necessary that you get all the professional help that you can get when you want to have the best buyers for your home. Finding a person who can understand the value of your old home is never easy. You may also not be sure a...
For many investors, real estate is coveted, highly attractive — and uncomfortably unfamiliar.Although it’s widely accepted that a strong real estate investment has the potential to generate considerable wealth, until recently relatively few investors had the chance to acquire first-hand experienc...

By Peter N. Mitchell, EA, IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax problem resolution
(Tax Pro Advisor, LLC)
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I represent taxpayers in Leander and the rest of Texas who have civil and criminal tax issues, and have recently seen an uptick in those folks coming to us who have not filed tax returns, some for many years. In fact, the non-filer is a major priority for the IRS, who have stated publicly that th...

By Alline Birkel
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Every time I am asked about how I got into real estate, I find it hard to keep the story short. One thing I do like to include is the fact that I was fired from an internship.  Yup, that's right, I was fired after only 2 weeks of working there. This usually surprises people, and it's fun to see t...

By Amanda Harvey, Always learning and serving others to the best of
(Coldwell Banker Barnes )
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Let me first say, before I became a REALTOR®  we dined at the same few places and not too frequently. I cook a lot. I discovered the instapot and airfryer after receiving as gifts for Christmas a few years back. I love using them to cook weekly! I have made it my mission to try new places in Jack...

By Keith Sant, Real Estate Problem Solver And House Buyer
(Kind House Buyers)
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Hey everyone! I thought for my first on ActiveRain I would speak from the perspective of most agents' pesky lil friend - the real estate wholesaler.  If and aren't familiar with real estate wholesaling, it's when a seller and a "buyer" agree on a price, sign a contract (below market value), and t...

By Dan Frey, Mortgage, Financial Market & Legal Experts
(LeaderOne Financial)
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Hello,My business partner and I are active residential lenders. We are seeking to sublet an office space inside of a brokerage in Mesa, Gilbert or Scottsdale, Arizona. Is anyone aware of any present opportunities? Thank you.