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On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Trent Riddle, Real estate agent serving southern Utah
(Real estate)
Comments 3
im really excied to become an agent i just closed on my personal home with the help of a awesome agent, but its my first agent that i inpiered me to become an agent she was dishonest and hard to work with i will strive eveyday to be a good agent the complete opposite of the first agent in every way.

By silver bogan
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Hello, this is my question to be able to install the ringtone file for Iphone after converting from mp3 to m4r. Can someone help me convert easily?Thank you very much.
It is a known fact how AI has been helpful to those with disabilities such as hearing and vision impairment (like what the founder over at Halfcode is doing), as well as how beneficial it is in the workplace. However, the one thing that hasn't been covered as much is how helpful AI is in the home...

By mike Nakamura, Real estate agent for salt lake city
(House Watchers)
Comments 4
I'm just starting to becoming a real estate agent. I want to know the best way to get clients? I want to start to get clients and making money within 30-45 days. 

By Henrry watson, I am Passionate about Digital Marketing strategic
(Creative Digital Marketing)
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Like suggestions, division centers around what makes every client one of a kind. Encouraged by AI and example acknowledgment, division enables brands to make various personas with novel qualities that can be utilized to focus on every one contrastingly with impetuses they're bound to react to.For...

By Harisson Elderling
(Winfield Property Management)
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Finding the perfect tenant is crucial. It’s either you get to choose a good one which is more profitable. Or you can pick a bad tenant that will cost you more than you gain.  A property managing company like Winfield property management knows how to screen a good tenant. They also have establishe...

By Brad Hanks, Experience. Service. Results.
(RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc. (Lakeway))
Comments 5
I have been a REALTOR® for nearly three decades and have worked in every kind of market - up, down and in between. Knowing how to make the most of any market for my clients, I get the job done in a professional and easygoing manner, always putting my clients first.Originally licensed as a real es...

By David Sickich, sales training, student in real estate
(b2b training llc)
Comments 4
Going through training right now to become a Realestate Agent!  Super excited to make this transition in life.  For the past 20 years I've been in the automotive industry and have held all sales positions!  I have learned a ton throughout my life, but one of the most important lessions I've learn...

By Donald Fuller, Resideintial and commercial real estate attorney
(Donald R. Fuller, Jr.)
Comments 4
On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 Scott and Amie Yancey of Flipping Vegas fame are hosting an event at the Crowne Plaza in Hickory to talk about how real estate can be an exciting investment. They will share thoughts on the real estate market and often encourage people to get started investing on their own.Th...

By John Gattinger, Automate & Outsource Broker Price Opinions
(Turbo BPO)
Comments 3
 First and foremost we thank all of our current Agents/Brokers who have trusted us throughout the years.  We could never be able to offer our manpower and software without your unwavering support! The end of the year is near and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Our Pipeline softwa...

By KENDAL HARTEL, Residential resale and new construction home sales
Comments 7
Love this siimple advice in regards to staging a home.  Thanks to Kathy Streib for the quick story that really illustrates this point! Home Staging Tip...Yes Color Can Make a Difference   Some of the home sellers I’ve met resisted painting their house because they’d only recently had it painted. ...

By Mark Cunningham, Home Inspector Fort Worth TX
(Detail Home Inspection LLC)
Comments 4
If you’re building a new home, you want it to be stylish, functional, and of course, state of the art with the latest technology advancements. Smart home features are on top of the wish list for homeowners, with 81% of homebuyers stating they would favour purchasing a home with smart accessories ...

By Keith Wilson, Home Inspector Orlando FL
(Closer Look Inspections INC)
Comments 3
It is one thing to be excited about setting foot into your dream home. But moving into a place where you’ll regret finding unpleasant inclusions is another story you wouldn’t want to experience. You see, buying a home is both exciting and crucial. One most important step before finally closing th...

By Davin Strand, Certified Home Inspector in Salt Lake City Utah
(Bent Nail Inspections)
Comments 4
The general idea of turning any property into a house is to have a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, front yard and perhaps, an attic. In a sense, yes, those features make up a house but there are some few tweaks in your home you may not know that can add not just convenience but selling p...

By Richard Robbins, I am a real estate blogger.
Comments 4
Just a few months ago, June 2019, I sold my home in Utah.Leading up to making the decision about when and how to sell our home, my wife and I considered several different options. I had been a real estate agent in the past, and I knew quite a bit about how the industry worked.We had a tiered plan...

By Matthew Turner
Comments 4
False Advertising is often hard to see, but it is all around us. It is very importat to understnad the reality behind adversting goals and techniques. Have you every seem an advertisment that seemed to good to be true, or soething else stand out that didnt seem right? How often when advertising d...

By The StageHub, Empowering Home Stagers Nationwide
(The StageHub)
Comments 3
You’ve put a lot of hard work into staging the home to look its best to sell. Everything was picture perfect, and the realtor and homeowner were impressed when the house sold at above asking price. You’ve started that connection, but how do you cultivate it from there? How do you turn one-time bu...

By Fred Smith, Done-for-you Lead Gen w/ Guaranteed Lead Mins
(Speed Scaling for Top Agents and Brokers)
Comments 9
Hi, my name is Fred Smith, and if you've ever been the new kid on the block have you ever wondered... ...what in the world should I be posting as an introduction???  😅😅😅 It's like... ...this HUGE spotlight in this super dark room just hit me right between the eyeballs, as I know someone is readin...

By Creo Home Solutions, We buy houses for cash in MD in any condition.
(Creo Home Solutions)
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If you are selling your home you may have the thought “an open house couldn’t hurt, right?” Your realtor will almost certainly suggest or encourage it. The home will get some additional exposure on the internet, in newspapers, and possibly around your area with signs or billboards. Delving a litt...

By Tara Howard, Tara Howard created the Venus Awards
(Venus Awards)
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There are so many aspects, contingencies, scenarios, and differences, in real estate, it serves little sense, to seek, some, overly simplistic approach, but, rather, it makes more sense, to look at the SMART way/ method!1. Systems; sustainable; strengths; solutions; sense: When considering houses...