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Who do you typically turn to first when considering the purchase of a new piece of technology for your real estate business? If you're like a lot of agents, you'll pick the brains of other agents to find out what works and what's not worth your money.

But the choices – there are so many of them! When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, grab a cup of coffee and dig into the following pages. Let your colleagues walk you through those choices and help you decide on how and where to spend your money.

Feel free to check back daily because we add hundreds of new posts every day. This is the place to find everything an agent needs to know about tech and tools to help you run a lean, mean real estate machine.

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By Rich Gaasenbeek, Real Estate CRM & Marketing Made Easy!
(IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM)
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When it comes to keeping in touch with your contacts, it’s no easy feat. Especially if these contacts are past clients of yours. Combine that with all of your other daily responsibilities and that could lead you down a very overwhelming path. However, it is important to maintain and nourish those...

By Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA
(ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors)
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YouTube Thursdays - Stories of Love, Inspiration, and Soul!  A recent post about different branding perspectives from Ron and Alexandra Seigel, really inspired us. Therefore. we are considering the varying viewpoints to tell our own brand stories as illustrated in their post. This is still a work...

By Joan Cox, Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time
(House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373)
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 I have a listing coming on next week, but we wanted exterior photos, since all the weeds were removed, and the yard was looking GOOD.    Unfortunately, my photographer had to cancel the night we really wanted the photos done, so he was there Thursday evening. Of course, there were clouds rumblin...

By Paula Howard
(Your Special Agent, LLC)
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It's been awhile since I have been able to update my blog - I have been very busy with launching my new website at, and I wanted to "relaunch" my blog in order to go with my new website.  It is amazing how much work and time go into creating a website and it gave me a new...

By Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD, REALTORS® in Clark County, WA
(ViewHomes of Clark County - Nature As Neighbors)
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The Power of Good Stories  In our opinion, it's difficult to produce a video without having a specific goal(s) in mind. We always follow these guidelines prior to shooting any video: 1. Flesh out the purpose and plan. 2. Identify the target audience. 3. Formulate a beginning, middle, and an end.4...

By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
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When people are looking for a neighborhood to move into, there are certain things which can make the area more appealing. These usually include schools, stores, parks, public transport links and places of worship. By contrast, there is also a long list of things which can lower a neighborhood’s v...

By Joe Jackson, Clintonville and Central Ohio Real Estate Expert
(Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty)
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The Power of Good Stories     In our opinion, it's difficult to produce a video without having a specific goal(s) in mind. We always follow these guidelines prior to shooting any video:   1. Flesh out the purpose and plan.  2. Identify the target audience.  3. Formulate a beginning, middle, and ...

By Hannah Williams, Expertise NE Philadelphia & Bucks 215-820-3376
(HomeStarr Realty)
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By Carolyn Mantia, Excellence is our goal
(Clarity Street Realty)
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Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plaxo, Linkedin and the list goes on and on and on.  These sites can cause complete overwhelm as well as take users careening off in unproductive directions, leaving them wondering what did I even accomplish today. Myspace used to be the "IT" place to social network bu...

By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
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When looking for a computer technician either for your real estate business or a home renovation business or just about any business, it is important that you choose a reputable and qualified one. There are several things you should consider when making your selection. To help you find the best t...

By James Hoff, Real Agents Work
(Century 21 Award)
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Just a quick FYI ... if you're not at least sightly interested in Relola ... then you're missing out. Heather Sittig Jackson is one of the creators of this cool new technology! Now, I don't endorse products for dollars ... (well, not yet anyway :-)) ... so this is organic. Relola is such a cool p...

By Mott Marvin Kornicki, Miami Notary & Apostille 786-229-7999
(Waterway Realtors® • Notary Public & Apostille)
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I think many of you knew about doing snapshots, but hopefully, I shared a few things that help you take snapshots to the next level. And, if you are using Windows 10, be sure and check out the great new features of Snip & Sketch.Please don't forget to take my 2019 Technology Survey if you haven't...

By David Jackson, MBA, Financial lending analyst
(Olympus Labs)
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If you want to be a good property manager, you have to use and work effectively on managing your client's contact and also other information like a pro. Now, you must be thinking about what are the reasons that can make you lose a deal if you don't have proper contact management. For this you wil...

By Daniel Ramsey, MyOutDesk - Real Estate Virtual Professionals
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt stuck determining prices for your property rentals. An effective solution is to use information from the best in the vacation rental industry,! Today, we discuss optimal performance in revenue management for property managers with Amber Knight of Ren...

By Craig Daniels, Technology Instructor/Project Consultant
(Tech Training for You!)
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Images are very important to help your web pages engage your audience. The combination of informative text along with appropriate photos and illustrations is the formula for a captivating post. Some of the biggest amateur mistakes of creating web pages is related to working with images. Doing it...

By Scott Cotton, Texas Inspected
(Texas Inspected)
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For the sake of full disclosure, I have been a little underwhelmed with the QR code mania going around. Sure, it's neat to be able to scan a code and have it open a website on my phone, but there's a reason why I don't sit around surfing the Interwebs on my phone. Phone + website = yuck. If the p...

By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
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As a first-time buyer, you will have two options for buying your first ever home — should it be a house or an apartment? There are pros and cons for both, of course, but in today’s guide, we are going to focus on the benefits of starting out with the apartment lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look ...

By Richa Nayyar
(Coming service)
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Many people will tell you that renting is pointless. Well, it isn’t if you don’t want to live at your family home. But it is from a financial point of view. Why? Because the rent you pay each month doesn’t go towards buying the property. It just ends up in your landlord’s bank account.With the im...

By Stuart Crawford
(Ulistic Inc.)
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Real estate agents do much of their work in the field, showing homes or visiting properties. With all of this time out of the office, they need to be able to access their workspace as easily as possible from a variety of devices. Some may work from their phone, while others use tablets and laptop...

By Tanya Knowles, Tanya Knowles
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