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I tried Firefox all day Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was going pretty well.  In fact, I was impressed with a lot of its functionality except for losing my favorites which could not be installed despite an add-on that imported them because one of them was missing a certificate. And, then today, ever...
The other day I wrote a blog post about a rude agent who gave me an eyeful when he responded via email on a Sunday night that he didn't work on Sundays.  There were a number of commenters who said that they, too, don't work on Sundays.  I do.  I do a fair number of open houses, and I find that th...
A couple of weeks back, I was sitting with clients preparing to write an offer on a property.  I called this listing agent at about 5:30 PM on a SUNDAY, god forbid.  I was cut off with "Send me an email."  Even though the client had a question prior to writing the offer which I explained.  This i...
No, it is not Elizabeth Taylor, nor is it Zsa Zsa Gabor, who significant other tells me is near extinction.  It is Dorothy Young, Harry Houdini's last assistant. Ms. Young died e...
Here is a great opportunity to assist the community. I read the Patch from St. Michael, Minnesota, to get the news of what is occuring in the community at large.  They have a great staff, and I am so grateful that we have an on-line daily paper.  This morning I read about a community event schedu...
I just read the fabulous book by Wayne Rogers, Make Your Own Rules.  He has a great point for realtors especially.  He maintains that throughout his business career he has been involved in business ventures in which he had no, absolutely none, experience.  He believes, as I do, that that alone br...
Earlier today, the body of Mike Struck was located in about 10 feet of water nearly 25 feet from where he had been working to keep the roads safe from flooding on 169 between Mankato and St. Peter.  I used to use that road frequently when I lived and worked in Mankato.  It is a dangerous stretch ...
If we weren't in the middle of a snowstorm, I would be a lot less cranky.  So, I decided if Mother Nature has to wrought her fury on us poor Minnesotans who have had quite enough white stuff for the season, I would just get out the garden books and catalogs and dream my way to spring.  There are ...
I mentioned the other night one of the salads that was served at our marvelous get-together and Joan Whitlock asked for the entree recipe.  There were three entrees.  One vegetarian, one meat and one fish.  How cool is that.  Here is the meat recipe.  Cotolette alla Pontremolese (Veal Cutlets wit...
I had a very nearly mystical and wonderful experience tonight.  Luckily, I had several others who experienced the same thing so I have witnesses.  We had a wonderul dinner with great jokes, great food and a wonderful camaradarie.  I am going to share one of the recipes because I can't bring you i...

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