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Albertville Friendly City Days 2011 is set to begin!  This year the festivities will be Wednesday, June 8, through Sunday, June 12rh.  Although Tuesday, June 7th, there is the Albertville Royalty Style Showbginning at 6:30 PM in the St. Michael/Albertville High School Auditorium. Wednesday the Ci...
What with the NAR touting the 30 under 30 stars, I wondered what makes them so great?  What about the rest of us codgers?  The ones with tons of experience?  Rather, than get mad, I am getting even.  I can tell you what makes me feel like I am still a kid.  When I can sit on the floor and still p...
While you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, remember to think of the soldiers, sailors, air force, firefighters, police officers and emergency medical personnel who keep us safe each and every day. Anna has a great photo and a wonderful poem, and I thank can thank her, too!Memori...
The rains last weekend were amazing.  We had five inches in less than two days.  Everything in the garden, the peony, hyacinths, tulips, everything is under water.  And, I have raised beds.  It would take several weeks for that clay soil to dry out enough to plant corn, beans, onion sets, radishe...
When the NAR comes out of its self-imposed fog, perhaps whoever makes the editorial decisions over there will realize that we really don't care about the 30 under 30.  Never have, never will. And, editorial board, read Pat's post about how we all have to be innovative and learn new ways of doing ...
There is a reason why we do this insanity.  Sometimes it is just to make us work a little harder.  And sometimes, it is pride.  I like the character-testing it puts me through.  Check out your reasons, and let Markita know. It's nice to know I can always count on AR for a little inspiration. Afte...
AARP is offering a four hour refressher driving class in Albertville at the Albertville City Hall on Monday, June 30 and Monday, August 15.  The classes are from 9 AM to 1 PM. The cost is $14 for an AARP member and $16 for a non-AARP member.  If you would like the discount, be sure to bring your ...
I wish you all every success in the path of your life as a young adult and beyond.  I wish you peace and every happiness that you deserve. But, most of all I wish you a long, healthy and prosperous life.  And, to that end, I hope that you remember to refrain from drinking and driving or any type ...
Gary has a simple way of distilling almost any idea in real estate to easy-to-understand terms.  And pricing is no exception. If you have had the pleasure of being "coached" by Gary, I suggest that you take some time to go over his archive of treasures.  Bon Appetit!I sometimes think I see the wo...
If there were a house fire, and you had the opportunity to grab three things on your way out to safety, what would they be?  There was a lot of discussion about this at the Senior Center today when I volunteered for the Shining Stars Over 85 luncheon.  We had 40 seniors who got roses and great lu...

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