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Ron Marshall and Teri Bergstrom asked me to reblog this because there was little response from their posts.  And, I am very pleased to be able to do what I can to help out:  Here is Teri's post.   I came across this post from Ron Marshall: "Ride For Life" in memory of Chad Smith Ron's  good frien...
Okay, I will admit it, I am a a big Randy Ostrander fan.  He has such a common-sense approach. And, last week on Monday we were scheduled to close on a property that Wells Fargo has the first lien on.  Well, everyone closed except the bank.  So, my hope is that this week someone (Freddie Mac) wil...
I ran across this on another member's "Members only blog.  This from Richard Mendenhall, Interim CEO, Missouri Association of REALTORS® I cannot begin to imagine the pain and tragedy that these people are feeling even as the death toll rises.  Imagine not having a home or livelihood to deal with ...
We WERE supposed to close today.  And, I offered our closing companies services to the buyer's agent at a reduced fee....proposed by our title office. But, no, they were good.  They were using their big box title company.  All is good.  Well, lo and behold, this morning THEIR title company found ...
Oh, I wish I had written something this extravagant.  Thanks to Coral for reiterating what we hope everyone knows.  But, I think they perhaps don't.  So when you think that our gas is free, our time is free and we don't charge a visit fee like your doctor or dentist does, think about how we get p...
One of my friends just wrote me from Mexico on vacation.  She got a tattoo!  Not a cute little butterfly in an inconspicous spot.  But a full-blow upper arm one.  ???? Really, did you just wake up and decide that blue and black and red ink would look good on your body forever?  I really can't com...
I came into my office a few minutes ago and at least two people were on speaker on my phone.  The odd thing is that I hadn't been in the office for an hour.  So, no, I didn't answer an incoming call, and I have no idea who these people were. This isn't the first time this phone has answered itsel...
I have a little bit of rebel still left in me.  This post by Gary Coles really got the bile up!  I cannot believe that any attorney general would allow this city to put such an inane law on the books. Thank Gary for a great post!Will You or I be Arrested if We Visit Fort Lauderdale? Will you or I...
I tried to log in today....there were updates that needed to be installed.  I get it.  I had let them sit there for days.  Now I remember why..... Half an hour later and waiting to get back on the internet.  Same can be said for waiting for free photos to load.  The nice thing is that hubby is co...
Tomorrow is Flag Day.  I know this because my mother and dad were married on Flag Day.  And, so was I.  My former husband and I were married on their 30th anniversary.  They were thrilled.  And so were we. We were especially proud to see the streets lined with flags knowing it was our "special da...

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