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When I began life, I was born to wonderful parents who loved each other.  Lucky me.  But, as fate would have it, it didn't last long.  And, so, we moved a mother and me.  I think I lived in at least twenty homes before I was five.  But as you can see from the photo below, I was well-lov...
This post by Michael Jacobs was so great, I couldn't resist blogging it.  Imagine if he could bail us out of this one. I hear Apple products are BANNED from the Bill Gates home.  Those poor iPods, no iPads.  What is a kid to do? Welcome to The USA -- United States of Apple Attention Co...
This is an interesting website that Fred Griffin brought to my attention.  I have not yet tried to upload anything , but it might be the place to put your grandparent's memories, your parent's wisdom and anything from your family that you want to share with far-flung relatives so that they feel t...
Well, this is a reiteration of what we always try to tell sellers, but Phyllis has done an exceptional job of trying to get the point across. When we give you the market pricing, it is a shock to some, but be aware that it could be worse to overprice your property (not home, property, you are lea...
The Chicago Bears have signed Matt Spaeth, releasing tight end Brandon Manumaleuna.  Great news (kinda) for the locals.  Matt has never forgotten his hometown.  STMA has a lot of new equipment thanks to Matt and the Steelers. And, he sponsors a charity golf outing each summer to benefit the local...
There is an online game that lets you have all the fun along with Obama, Behner, McConnel, Reid and Pelosi. It is a game where you balance the budget.  I gave it a try.  Busted.  But, I haven't given up yet. Later today when I have some time....probably after dinner, I will give it another shot. ...
Moving is hard on everyone.  Babies, teens (especially when they are moving away from friends), and seniors.  Make it a little easier on yourself by decluttering now before you have to face it. Remember that stack of magazines you were going to read, and those photos of the last reunion/house/gar...
What a great idea....Just fix something.  I try to do that everyday.  But, you won't see my name in the paper, on TV, on radio or even on the St. Michael Patch.  But, I feel better about it and you will, too. Now, go thank the authors of this great piece. Solutions, Please..........Answers, Optio...
Honda and Toyota both announced this week that they will be back in full production in September.  Their U.S. dealers have been struggling to keep customers due to the lack of inventory.  The ads keep pace with what should have been the continuing demand, but the product has been nowhere to be  s...
Here is one recipe that replaced my old pound cake recipe....oh, yum.  And, berries are still coming into the local farmers markets.    Great Pound Cake   1 cup butter, softened 2 cups sugar 4 eggs, room temperature 2 tsp. vani...

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