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The Central Minnesota Council on Aging (CMCOA)  wants your help to decide waht services are import for the Older Americans Act funding.   CMCOA has created a short survey for older adults and service providers.  Go to to take the survey or just click the link above.   The survey is avai...
Would you like to add a special event to your holiday season? The Preservation Committee of the Historic Church of St. Michael will be presenting a community concert December 4th at 4 p.m. at the Historic Church at 22 North Main in St. Michael, Minnesota.   The Preservation Committee is charged w...
Chuck Carstensen is an agent in Elk River, Minnesota.  And, today he reached a big milestone here in the Rain.     I know we are welcoming new people to the Rain and spotlighting them, and I believe in that, too.   But when one of our own in Minnesota is only the second person to hit the half-mil...
Today is my shopping day.....                                         Today I am shopping on Small Business Saturday.  I am going to four towns today because I have a BPO to complete.  And, I will stop in each town to shop in a local craft or antique shop to get my Christmas shopping DONE...DONE....
Deb Walsh has a cool site to tell us about here.  I missed this blog the first time around....and just checked the link.  How fascinating.  Since I watch very little television, but do read quite a bit, this is a must-have favorite now.   Thank Deb for giving us all a new way to get our news.  An...
Now, Pat Kennedy and I have a lot in common, and books are just one of the things.  But, if you are trying to sell an upper-bracket home, and there are no books on the bookshelves, think about what that might convey.   The books don't have to be legal tomes, but they should be hard-cover and not ...
Morris Massre has done his homework with short sales.  I have talked about them enough.  It was time you got a new prospective.   Thank Morris for his time and effort on this one, and you might want to check out some of his other posts as well.  Thanks, Morris. Even though the short sale process ...
Doug Mossman has written a great article about Medicare.  And, since I am working with seniors quite a bit these days and may even start working with seniors on their Medicare choices, I wanted to make this information available to you.   As always, please thank Doug, the original author, for thi...
So you thought hat Thanksgiving was just for the United States and Canada celebrants? No, other countries celebrate a Day of Thanks for various things, too.  Of course, ours is based on the Protestant Pilgrims' feast which all started in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed during the C...
I know it is past Veteran's Day, but Vets, active service and their families can always use our assistance and support.   This ideas compiled by Lyn Sims are great.  See if there is anything you can do to help, and thank you so very much for all the support of our military on ActiveRain.   And, p...

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