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It is with so much great pleasure that I introduce you to Ron Marshall, a new Rainmaker.   Ron has been here for 2 years and 4 months, as I recall.  And, during that time, so many of us have been frustrated not to be able to reblog his posts.  And, now that he is a Rainmaker, he and the rest of h...
This analogy seems to me to be a very good one.  The self-service checkouts can be very frutstrating, too. Thank Don with a comment if you would. I recently read that most people dislike the self-service checkout because of the number of errors they receive in trying to get out the door.  I might...
This was an interesting question that Don posed.  I do take b&W photos, but more for my own artistic bent than for real estate photos.  But, sometimes it can be interesting....check out these comments.   And, thank Don for an interesting question. It was an odd thing…I happened to be messing with...
Somehow this just seems wrong.  And, I wish I had the power to stop this in the real estate world.  I was going to make this members only, but I feel the public has a right to know, too. Thank Don for this well-written post. I have thought about writing this post for a while.  But, it isn’t easy....
Really, in the grand scheme of things, hiring a home inspector for one of the biggest purchases of your life only makes sense.  Think of what you could save in $$$ down the road, if you knew what lies hidden in the attic or the plumbing.   Let's make sure that you know what you are buying. You've...
Well, this might be a little outdated, but the basic premise holds true.  There is very little that we as realtors can do to make your home more valuable, but in the grand scheme of things, if you sell at a low point, you will likely buy at a low point, too.   Makes sense, doesn't it.  Don was ah...
Hello?  This is an obvious question, and one that I think Don has really got a handle on. When and if you move from Minnesota to your dream spot, we can handle listing and selling your property here! In our neck of the woods, there are many Minnesotans who own vacation cabins on lakes.  I am not ...
Here is another great example of how Don writes so very plainly and yet tells a great story.   Let's help him over the top.  Thanks for your kindness. I have written (not nearly) enough blog posts over the course of my time here on ActiveRain. Why?  Because I have better things to do, obviously. ...
You know that I am a very conscientious recycler.  I really like to see conservation efforts in our county on a large scale.    And, I am a big supporter of anything we can do locally to win the war on waste.   And, that is why I am so proud to announce that the Wright County 2012 Outstanding Con...
NEW LISTING!   OPENS THIS WEEKEND FROM 12:30-2:30     This is a great split with a large master in the lower level, potential his and her closets with a 3/4 bath that has a sink, stool and the shower is roughed-in.   Living room, kitchen with eat in breakfast area, two bedrooms and a full bath co...

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