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This is a verbatim Associated Press article that I do not have permission to reprint here. That said, please read on.  Okla. legislator slights blacks, women in debate TIM TALLEY, Associated Press Published 08:10 p.m., Thursday, April 28, 2011 Read more:
Home prices fell 3 percent in February of 2011 and are back to their May 2009 low.  Not surprising.  We saw some great activity in buyers but not much competition for homes to drive pricing back up.  Prices are still down about 8 percent compared with last year at this time.  Adn we had the bigge...
Ron Marshall wrote this post, but I can't reblog it.  I asked his permission to reblog it so that it will get more attention. Albertville Fire Department's Hog Roast April 30, 2011  (Members Only) Whoa, a HOG ROAST?  Right here in my city...or pretty close. We love hog roasts and the Fire Departm...
This great home is being held open today, April 23 from noon to 2 PM by yours truly. This is the first open and even though it is rather gloomy out, I expect to be busy.  You will see why by checking out these photos. This home is completely renovated and is move in ready. It has a new roof, new ...
It seems hard to believe that Earth Day will be 41 years old this year.  I have been a strong advocate for recycling and reusing and reducing waste since the first Earth Day. There will be a FREE Reuse Summit in St. Paul on May 3, 2011.  And, it will be the way I am choosing to celebrate Earth Da...
Wells Fargo recently laid off thousands of people nationwide in its mortgage-generating business.  The document that started it all was a proposal by states attorneys general to settle allegations that any mortgage servicers, and Wells is the nation's largest home lender, broke state laws. For th...
  I am reblogging this post by Bill Archambault with a little preface.  A little  6 year-old girl was recently "patted" down by TSA personnel at an airport.  What in the world were those people thinking?  You can find the video anywhere so I will not print the link here.  But, I can tell you that...
When I got "felled" this week, the phrase "sicker than a dog" came to mind.  In turns out that I wasn't.  I am not going to explain why.  You can read it here.  Sicker than a dog.  I only had a sore throat, inner ear problems and deep-seated congestion with a 102 degree temp until plop, plop, fiz...
I think this bears repeating.  Someone recently questioned my upswing in points. and I patiently reminded them that I try to comment religously on a variety of subscribed and non-subscribed posts.  I find the best people in the column to the left.  Some real suprises and gems, sometimes.  The new...
High residential vacancies are killing many housing markets, as foreclosed homes sit on the market and depress sale prices and property values. And it's only getting worse: The national vacancy rate crept up to just over 13% according to last week's decennial census report. That's up from 12.1% i...

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