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I found Nancy's post through a comment on someone else's blog post.  It is a fitting farewell to a great "companion," but, more importantly, she points out that she is donating her old friend to a very worthy cause.  And, you might find yourself with something that has very little intrinsic value...
You can't imagine how tickled I was to find out that there will be an online RainCamp. Thank you, Margaret, for posting this for all to see! Now, you can thank Margaret and sign up at the same time....if there is still space available.     RainCamp Online          I am signed up.. are you? There ...
Well, I reblogged Don Sabinske's blog on how to eat on $21 Dollars a Week.  And, I had a post on  So much for eating well and cheaply. Here is a post by Alan May where he talks about a $30 cup of coffee.  I am passing on this treat.  But, check it out.I thought it was a joke, wh...
My BPO business is still humming along.  But fewer homes homeowners got foreclosure notices last month.  Those foreclosures that were served were mainly in Wright County (my county) and Anoka County (which is mourning the death of Scott LeDoux, 1949 - 2011 on its website.  Scott was a former Coun...
St. Michael - Albertville is a great football challenge for any team, visiting or away.  We look forward to another great season here.  Below is the schedule thus far.  Hope to see you at any of these games....GO KNIGHTS!!!   Football Varsity Schedule    (as of 08-12-11)
I found this to be a very interesting post.  I cook "from scratch".  The only thing I use that are prepared are the occasional barbecue sauce, sometimes cream of mushroom or chicken soup if I am too lazy to make a white sauce, and usually salad dressings. But, making salad dressing is easy as is ...
Are you aware that ther is a website that makes balancing your meals so simple a child can do it? is just the site for that.  The site emphasizes several what used to be common-sense approaches to eating right.  1,  Balance your calories,  Go to the site to find your calorie lev...
I loved this post.  It echoes my own sentiments on life,  I must admit to a few more...never repeat anything held in confidence or that you think might be confidential to someone.  And, what my mother and grandmother taught me, "If you can't say something good about a person, don't say anything a...
Call off the hounds.   The medallion for St. Michael's Daze and Knight has been found by a grandmother and granddaughter who don't want any media attention....for now.  But, come Saturday night they will pick up their $1,000 prize in front of the crowd just before the Secion 30 concert.  Thyey on...
If Robert Atkinson has his way, there will be.   His goal is to raise $3 to $5 million  and within about 10 months launch a beta site that will sell the ideas to other investor and prospective partners.  Want to make some money?   Or need a tax write-off?  This could be boom or bust.  There might...

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