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I have spoken about several of the ways to create easy business in your real estate business. Now is the time to use your direct mail campaigns. If you do not have a direct mail campaign, January is the perfect time to start. SOI mailings are always more profitable so start with that. If you are ...
You know I love gossip as much as the next person.  I really do.  Unfortunately as much as I enjoy it, like any other bad habit, I have to refrain.  In our company we have a no gossip rule.  The no gossip rule is also one of the thirteen rules that I teach Primary Agents and  team leaders to comm...
I recently posted the recording of my free educational teleseminar on I broke down the twelve steps specifically number nine that I reviewed in part one. I also shared several Tony Ribbons philosphies I learned from my recent week at Tony's retreat. Use these twelve steps t...
Now is the time to really shine as an expert. Be the voice of positivity during all the negative news stories. This is yet another way to create business. Talk about the opportunities that are available (which in themselves are ways to create business). The holidays present a perfect time to ming...
Here is another idea from my blog post titled: Five Ideas for Creating More Real Estate Business in a Soft Market  Conducting first time home Buyer's seminars can create a handful or more of prequalified Buyers.   The best time to conduct first time home Buyer's seminars is from early January unt...
I was recently on a Mastermind call that completely overwhelmed and excited me. Mastermind is an exclusive group of Real Estate speakers on various topics. We meet once a month to share ideas and exchange information. This month we spoke with Fran from Trulia about the importance of having an onl...
In a recent blog I talked about ways of creating business in this soft market. The first and the simplest is to make contact with 5 to 15 past clients or people in your Spheres of influence per day. In most cases do not ask for business.  That's right, DO NOT ASK FOR BUSINESS.  In most cases this...

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