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For many years now I plan a light day of work on Thursdays.  Most weekdays are full of coaching calls.  So, I really cannot effectively get into a project that requires a concentrated effort.  So, on Thursdays I don't schedule coaching calls.  That gives me the freedom to manage our business plan...
OK I'm an ex tennis professional.  Roger Federer, arguably one of the best men tennis players in history lost the other day to Novak Djokovic (yes it is pronounced joke-a-vitch).  It took more than skill.  It took a level of confidence that borders on (and perhaps crosses over to) arrogance.  But...
(After working out each morning I luxuriate in the sauna.)  "The best product often loses to the best marketing."  Said a wizened European today as we shared the hundred and eighty degree sauna.The Real Estate Agent version of this comment is that the best service often loses to the best marketin...
I have been giving this advice for over a year. What does it mean?  People, that include Real Estate Agents, tend to take time to prepare and perfect before they launch new projects.  In this new brave world of technology at the speed of life taking too much time to perfect has two serious drawba...
One of my clients said this to me.  "Now that I am out of the struggle there is nothing to think about except the success." I loved the thought.  Here was an Agent who fought his way out of debt.  Fought his negative attitude and negative thinking.  Understand he was a nice enough guy, actually a...
An Agent at my last speaking gig gave me a couple of great questions to ask the Seller when you are making the listing appointment.  Here it is.  "Are there any improvements that you have made that you feel really add value, anything that is particularly unique, new or special?"  Here's the other...
Cool!  I just got off the phone with a Coaching Client in Boise.  A husband and wife team, they followed the advice to call past clients, check in with them and the conversation, "I'd like to ask you a question.  As you may meet people throughout the year who are buying or selling Real Estate wou...
Everyone is asking me what is the best thing to do to get out of the blocks as fast as possible for the New Year?  Here is the answer.Call all of the people who said wait until after the first of the year and just check in to see how their holidays were.  Confirm the time frame they had mentioned...
Time to resolve to blog regularly again, I look forward to hearing from you to keep me motivated and enthused about it.What am I working on?  Well, we are finishing a marketing product that puts together all the ideas that our coaching clients use to be top of mind as the recipient of referrals f...

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