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We have been asking Agents what is it that makes them feel most out of control and what they do about it.  If you would like to send me what makes you feel most out of control and what you do about it.  Send it to Jenny from Juneau wrote: (Name changed to save the innocent and...
4 Comments defines it as "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice."  I use the term to describe people, Agents that are stuck with bad habits built on flawed thinking.  Addicted to stress, addicted to struggle, addicted to being broke.  I have discussed this with psychologists and ...
A Client asked me this.  In return I asked her, "By retire, do you mean when can you stop having to work out of necessity and stop working if you want to but maintain your lifestyle?" She said, "Yes, when can I stop?"  I said, "Never, at the rate you are going."  Here is the irony.  This is a per...
Why does the stock market keep dropping and rising?  It is obvious.  A huge number of people sell their stock and drive the prices down.  And then the smart bargain hunters buy at the reduced prices.  The same is true in the Real Estate market only the Sellers, unfortunately, are not investors; m...
Have you seen this site?  It was featured on an Inman News post.  It shows the rate of foreclosures across the country using a hot map.  Double click on your area and it will zoom right into your congressional district.  It is going to be really useful to me as I speak in fourteen cities about th...
Stop complaining about there being no mortgage money for people with bad credit, little cash, and questionable employment.  Sorry to be so blunt but those of us who have been in business for over a decade remember when Buyers with bad credit needed to have large down payments, thirty percent or m...
Wow, we had Agents from every part of the country on the Teleseminar yesterday.  Instead of the scheduled topic, Marketing Myths..., I announced that it would be an Emergency Tough Market Teleseminar.  The feedback was fabulous.  First, Agents from many markets confirmed that Buyers were being mo...
Wow!  A Client told me I could share this.  It's perfect. She said that the last two properties she sold were to people who had been working with another Agent in the spring.  In both cases the Agent lost touch.  In one the buyer said they hadn't heard from the Agent in weeks.  The other said the...

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