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This was a new experience.  We were on a group coaching call yesterday with Agents from New York to California.  About ten minutes into the call one Client said, "Rich, sorry I have to go we just had an earthquake and I want to make sure my son is ok."  She went on to say, "Don't worry.  It was a...
Wow, the news sucks about Real Estate.  Here's the silver lining.  Real Estate is an amazing investment.  Everyone knows the theory of buy low and sell high.  And when the prices rise everyone says, "Gosh, I wish I had bought."  This is the time to buy.  Will prices get lower?  In some markets ye...
Tomorrow is part 2 -The Focus that Keeps you Motivated Every Day from my tele-seminar series titled: Take Control of Your Business in a Soft Market.They are held every other Thursday at 3:00 PM EST. Simply call 218-936-7999 and enter 410652# to enter the call. Specific information can be found at...
Cool!  I was interviewed yesterday on this radio show out of Fort Lauderdale.  I did something that I think you can apply to your business, particularly your presentations.  I put myself in a very strong positive state before I got on the call.  The radio show host, Barry Johnson and the engineer...
Is there one?  Is there "A" secret to success or "The" secret to success?  There are lots.  Well, I have settled in on a new one.  It has three parts.  Is one more important than the other?  Yes at different points in time.  I'll tell you them in a moment, one more thing first.  I am going to be ...
It never ceases to excite me.  I just got my notification from NAR that I will be speaking at the convention again this November in Orlando.  Booked an interview on radio today and opened the door for doing an Ask Coach Rich program. My clients are all working hard and achieving their goals. My s...
I am not motivated by money.  That's obvious to me now.  Only it took my wife to point it out for it to really sink in. For over a decade I have spent up to an hour with people interested in my work to introduce them to it.  When my schedule got too busy I started to charge for this.  I never fel...
Yesterday I conducted a free tele-seminar titled:Identifying and Overcoming Soft Market Weaknesses. It is from my series titled: Taking Control of Your Business in a Soft Market. I covered alot of information including a bonus question from a client about how to work with Buyers in this tough mar...
I recently had dinner with Doug who is a Client and friend who has been very successful using the Internet as a marketing strategy to build his Real Estate business.  He just returned from Haiti where he contributes to raise the quality of life for poor families.  It is an interesting contrast to...
Chava and I were talking about the goals of our company.  She corrected me from making the mission about the money to about service to people.  She pointed out to me that whenever our goals have been about money we have struggled with them.  When they are about service we have enthusiastically em...

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