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On a recent coaching call we were strategizing over ways to get business in this market. Quite a few good ideas were tossed around. I am going to share the top four then discuss them in upcoming blogs. 1. Contact 5 to 15 Past Clients or people in your spheres of influence per day and doing this i...
Rich Levin will be conducting a free live tele-seminar this Thursday (11/20) at 3 PM EST. Now is the time to start strategizing and preparing for 2009. Rich will discuss the 5 key steps to create an effective Business Plan. He will teach you how to set real obtainable goals that you will stick to...
I am just back from NAR Convention and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone I meet and spoke with at convention. I had a ton of positive feedback about the two seminars I conducted and an overwhelming positive response to my Get Rich Success Charts that I introduced there. It is nice once in...
Psychology, Mechanics and Goals, those are the three elements of all success.  The focus for these is control.  Is control a good or a bad thing?  I suggest a good thing.  You want to have control over your body and bodily functions.  Lose control of those things and the consequences are unpleasa...
New topic today, one that is of greater importance to those people over fifty than those under forty; will you be able to maintain your lifestyle if you stop working? Or will you have to choose one of the other two options? Which are: 1. Will you have to work until the day the good Lord takes you...
Rich Levin conducted a free educational tele-seminar last Thursday title Marketing Myths, Errors and Facts of High Return Marketing. If you would like to listen to the recording please visit The next tele-seminar will be held on Thursday, November 20 for more information ple...

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