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If a tenant doesn't pay the rent, the landlord will evict them.  If you don't make your car payment, the dealer will repossess the car.  If you don't pay the utility bill, you will be eating dinner by candlelight.  And the atmosphere won't feel very romantic.   Those are the cold hard facts.  Bus...
One of the first lessons I learned about building a stock portfolio was to diversify. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If one sector of the market is not performing well, you have investments in other sectors to help you weather the storm.  It's a good rule to follow: not just for building ...
When I joined the Army back in 1972 I was issued a duffel bag.  It was supposed to be large enough to carry everything a soldier would need.  I can still hear the drill sergeant yelling at us: "If it won't fit in your duffel bag, you don't need it!" Back then it was standard practice to have our ...
I got a call yesterday to do a closing in Rocky Ford, Colorado.  It's more than 90 miles away, and takes more than an hour and a half to get there: I recommended that the company try to locate a notary signing agent in Pueblo, which is closer. Don't misunderstand.  Normally I would have accepted ...
Whenever a person is signing loan documents with a Power of Attorney, it is usually requested that the original Power of Attorney document be included with the loan package.  For the closing I had last week there were no instructions from the title company regarding this, so I asked to be sure.  ...
A notary should know how to fill out a Last Will & Testament, shouldn't they? Probably. But that doesn't mean that they should advise someone how to fill one out.   I just returned from notarizing a Last Will & Testament for someone.  And as with most Last Will & Testaments that I have notarized,...
Notaries have to always be on guard when performing a notarization.  But there are some precautions that must be taken when agreeing to perform a notarization for someone at an Assisted Living Community. I got a call this morning from a woman who wanted me to notarize a Power of Attorney for her ...
Before we can answer that question, we should first ask the question: Are eSign closings (eClosings) more or less work for the Notary Signing Agent? The answer is clearly -- more.   Not only is there more work involved, it costs the notary signing agent more to do them.  These closings are suppos...
Notary Signing Agents are held to very high standards.  We have to be.  There are so many things that we are responsible for. A mistake on our part can be devastating.  And it is inexcusable. It can mean the difference between a loan being funded on time or not. For example, one of our responsibi...
I received an email this morning (via ActiveRain) from someone needing some Colorado documents notarized.  I'm a Colorado notary. The only problem is that the person who sent the email is in Taiwan.  He wanted to forward the documents to me, have me notarize them, then send them back.     This ca...

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