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I was reading an article today about how manufacturers are choosing to put less in the package rather than raise their prices.  Fewer ounces of cereal in a box, fewer ounces of chips in a package, ... etc.  The thinking is that, consumers notice when prices have gone up, but they don't pay attent...
It's such a small thing. It could easily go unnoticed.  I'm referring to those small boxes on the Deed of Trust that indicate if there are any Riders.  We take it for granted that everything is in order with the Deed of Trust. Not always I had a closing this evening for which the Deed of Trust wa...
I was reading on a message board today about a customer who refused to pay the notary's travel fee.  The customer was an attorney who no doubt felt that he was justified in paying the notary only for the notarization, but not the travel fee.  As a result, the notary only received $1.25.  That won...
It might.  It might not.  But I think the real purpose for having a mobile office is convenience.  At least that's what I had in mind when I invested in the equipment needed to do mobile computing.  It's about saving time, reducing stress, getting a job done in more ways than one, being more vers...
Be inflexible.  There are many other ways to sabotage your business.  But being inflexible ranks near the top. One of the main reasons why notary signing agents are used in real estate closings is because we provide a convenience.  Not just to the borrower, but to the lenders and title companies....
This could also be entitled: 'Never take anything for granted.'  That's the lesson I learned about my cell phone years ago. A title company called me at 7AM to do a closing.  I wasn't expecting to get a call so early. Fortunately I was wide awake and my phone was on. But what about Sunday morning...
When I got out of high school, I did what a lot of teens living in Detroit did during the summer: I worked in an automobile factory. Back then it was easy to get a job. In fact, for a brief while I was working at two Chrysler factories at the same time.  I worked the afternoon shift at one, then ...
I had quite a busy day yesterday. Just one closing, but 4 calls for mobile notary work for the general public: two Power of Attorney notarizations, divorce documents, and a motor vehicle title.  I had to refuse the motor vehicle notarization.  It was already signed. That's not a problem in itself...

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