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'I won't even go out of the house for less than $X.', proclaim many notary signing agents. It's good to have your fees set, and to 'stick to your guns'.  But at the same time, I believe that a certain amount of flexibility is required. I have established my fees too.  But I'm willing to work for ...
That's a question that I routinely ask when I accept a closing assignment.  You might be asking, 'What difference does it make what type of loan it is?' It means a lot. In the past I would tell the borrower to provide a photocopy of their drivers license.  That was the only form of identification...
The people I met yesterday had a dilema. They had title documents that needed to be notarized.  Both the husband and the wife work, so it was impossible for them to appear before a notary at the same time until each had gotten off of work.   I was watching the Democratic National Convention when ...
"Do you notarize wills?" That was the question asked of me when I answered the phone a couple of days ago.  I was thinking to myself, 'Of course I notarize wills. I'm a notary.' Why not notarize a Last Will and Testament?   The person told me that his bank would not notarize his will.  Perhaps it...
The importance of the confirmation call cannot be overstated.  It serves many purposes, and it is imperative that this call be made -- as soon as possible after receiving the closing confirmation. Some of the reasons for making the confirmation call are: confirm the time and place of the closing ...
Notary signing agents are supposed to be experienced with loan documents. It's what distinguishes us from someone who is 'just a notary'.  And we're supposed to be knowledgeable about which documents should be signed, how they should be signed, ... etc.  Notary signing agents are also supposed to...
If you do closings long enough, you will inevitably start seeing familiar faces among the borrowers.  It usually works out well for both the borrower and the notary signing agent.  But not always. When you have a borrower who is difficult to deal with, you look forward to the moment when you can ...
Maybe.  Maybe not. It all depends on your definition of "Closer".  And it definitely depends on what responsibilities you want to assign to the Closer. If you are a Notary Signing Agent, then you probably answered that question with a resounding 'Yes! Absolutely!  I am the Closer.  And a darned g...

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