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I always thought of owning a car GPS as a luxury.  I could never think of a good reason to own one.  Just give me a good map and I should be able to find my way around, was my attitude. Well, I finally broke down and bought a GPS for my car a while back.  It's the Garmin Mobile XT and it works wi...
Many people have a family doctor.  They might also have a family lawyer, a family pastor, an accountant, and a few other people whom they turn to when they need those particular types of services.  They feel comfortable turning to just one person, because that person is intimate with their family...
A remote closing is supposed to be a convenience to the borrower.  But sometimes the convenience will have to be mixed with a bit of inconvenience. One of the requirements of the notary signing agent is to properly identify the borrowers.  And one of the requests made of the borrower is that they...
In the movie, Schindler's List, Oskar Schindler recalled his father saying that there are three things you need in life: 'a good doctor, a forgiving priest, and a clever accountant.' If you asked a notary signing agent what those three things are, they might say: a cell phone, a computer, and an ...
The National Notary Association conference will be held in Las Vegas in 2009 -- from June 9 to June 12. You can read all about it if you received the January issue of The National Notary.  Or visit the National Notary Association Conference 2009 website.  There will be many speakers to listen to,...
I received the January issue of The National Notary, published by the National Notary Association.  In it (on page 24) is an article about opportunities for notaries who know a foreign language. I agree that knowing a foreign language can be a benefit.  I've even submitted a few articles on this ...
It will be 2009 in a few days.  Be sure to update your profiles on the sites where you are listed.  Even if you just did so recently.  The reason: When companies view your profile, you don't want it to show that it was last updated in 2008.  It will still appear that it has been a year since you ...
Jack had just completed his training to become a notary signing agent.  He was anxious to get started doing loan signings, so he signed up with dozens of signing services -- as many as he could find.  He didn't care who they were, or what their policies were.  He just wanted to do loan signings. ...
I came across an article in the news this morning about the need for math and science teachers.  It was projected that schools will need 200,000 teachers over the next decade.  There is a need for teachers in other subjects as well, but the article focused on those 2 subjects. One of the new teac...
Microsoft OneNote is a great tool for organizing all types of notes and information, regardless of your occupation.  I had already been using it for organizing personal information, then decided to create workbooks for my Notary Signing Agent information.   The beauty of OneNote is that it is sim...

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