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It used to be that, if you went to a gas station, that was all you could get: gasoline.        Nowadays we have come to expect a lot more.  Gas stations are finding that they have to continuously find ways to add more products and services in order to stay competitive.  In addition to gasoline, y...
One of the questions on a questionnaire I received regarding eSignings was, 'would I be willing to do the closing at a library using one of their computers.  Sure, I would be willing. I'm willing to do just about anything to facilitate getting a loan closed. But is it safe? Nothing is safe from s...
One of the reasons why I switched to using a smartphone was because I wanted to eliminate some of the gadgets that I was using.  Two of the items that I no longer have to carry are a cell phone and a PDA.  Both are essential to the work that I do as a notary signing agent, and they are contained ...
I was reading about a notary signing agent who was having problems during an eSign closing.  It was at the borrower's home, and the eSigning was being done using the borrower's computer. He was assured that their connection to the internet was fast, and that their computer was new and in good wor...
If your profile is not complete, you may be overlooked by a company that is looking for a qualified closer. I got a call from a company in need of a closer to do an eSigning.  They asked if I had a laptop computer and the necessary equipment.  I assured them I did.  I got the assignment.   Fortun...
I attended the AmTrust eSign training webinar this afternoon. It was conducted by James Siemer, senior trainer in the mortgage consulting center at AmTrust. The webinar started promptly at 2PM (EST) and lasted for about an hour. I recorded the audio portion by putting my phone on speakerphone and...
Perhaps you've seen the cell phone commercial in which the two kids are explaining to their parents how to operate their cell phones before sending them off to work. It's a reality that there are many people who are bewildered by technology, and think that 'Bluetooth' is some kind of gum disease....
I wanted to pass this information on to any notary signing agents interested in receiving free eSigning training. The webinar will be on Tuesday, September 23, from 11 a.m. to 12 (Pacific Time). You can reserve your webinar seat and get more information by clicking on the following link: AmTrust ...
I received a call on Thursday from a woman who needed to have certified copies of a couple of German documents.  I met with her yesterday. She called me because I know German.  But that's not the only reason.  She called because the notary at her bank refused to do it.  The reason: the documents ...
We've come a long way from the days when you could buy an appliance, bring it home, plug it in, and you were ready to use it.  Nowadays it seems you have to have computer programming skills to get anything to work. Several months ago I switched my high speed internet connection from DSL to cable....

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