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If a borrower says they won't sign the loan documents, the broker gets no commission. If the borrower changes their mind, and decides to sign the next day, the broker gets the commission.But what does the notary signing agent get?In most cases, we'll get a nominal trip fee. Yet it is the notary s...
One of the ways in which title companies find notary signing agents to do closings is through signing services. Rather than the title company concerning themselves with maintaining a list of notary signing agents and making a lot of phone calls when they need a closer, they leave that responsibil...
I got a call at around 10 PM on Tuesday evening from a man in Manitou Springs. He needed a document notarized -- a Power of Attorney for motor vehicle transactions.  One of the first things he said was, 'It must be nice driving around all day.'  He was curious about what I do, and what it's like ...
Hotels provide many amenities to make the stay of their guests a pleasant one. You can find and do just about anything you need without having to leave the hotel. Guests take it for granted that the hotel will have laundry facilities, recreation, a business center with high speed internet, dining...
The word 'Notary' is one of those words for which you can find English equivalents in many different languages. But you can't translate it, because 'Notary' does not have the same meaning in all countries.To best understand this, if a Mexican, in need of notary service, came to me and asked, "Are...
I received an email from a company yesterday that is setting up a database of closers. It intends to use a 'star' rating system, based on number of years "experience". If you have one year "experience", you get just 1 star. If you have 5 years "experience", you get 5 stars. Needless to say, the m...
In a previous post, 'How a notary signing agent works', I described how we get the closing assignments, and the confirmation that follows. Part of that closing confirmation will show the fee that we are being paid for the closing.It's always a good idea for a notary signing agent to check the fee...
The idea for the post actually came from an article I read: How Bill Gates works. So I'd like to give some insight into how a notary signing agent works.It all starts with a call on our cell phone. That's what gets the wheels in motion. The caller will say something like: 'This is ABC Title Compa...
If notary signing agents looked to our U.S. Presidents for the traits required for being a good notary signing agent, there are 3 in particular who come to mind: George Washington, Harry S. Truman, and Abraham Lincoln.George Washington is well remembered for how he and his army struggled through ...
First of all, it is never right for a notary to backdate. It is illegal. And it is unethical.Unethical? Says who?If and when backdating occurs, it is probably because the notary doing it doesn't consider it unethical. In fact, they may even believe that what they are doing is the right thing to d...

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