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J. Paul Getty, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller,  ... and many many more.  All of these men had something in common.  They became very wealthy. Obviously. They had something else in common.  They did it long before there was any such thing as the internet.  And no...
So the title company calls another notary signing agent and gives that person the job. It also allows that notary signing agent to get their foot in the door. Perhaps the title company's next closing in that area will be a traditional paper closing. They will consider that notary signing agent fo...
Notary signing agents may occasionally get a closing assignment in an area that is still under development.  The locator tools such as Mapquest and Yahoo are of no use because the street names are new and can't be located.  There is no point in calling the signing service. They won't be able to h...
One of our top priorities as notary signing agents (in addition to providing a service) is making money.  It's why we're in business. But sometimes we have to turn down opportunities to make money.I got a call on Saturday to do a closing, scheduled for 2 PM. I told the caller that I couldn't do i...
There are a lot of people and organizations who offer courses and books on ‘how to be a notary signing agent'.  Some of them are honest and will tell you that their course won't teach you everything you need to know.  I respect people who make this disclaimer, because it is the truth. The majorit...
What is the likelihood that you will have 3 signings (2 Refinances and 1 Timeshare), on a Friday, with two of them late in the evening, and with each company using a different overnight delivery service for receiving the loan documents?  "It could happen." It's Saturday morning and I have to drop...
I have been making notarial certificates for years.  The main reason for doing so is that I am assured that I am complying with the state notary laws. Another reason is that it saves time if a lot of the wording is pre-printed, such as the venue, my name, and a few other items of information. Man...
Yes, notaries do have a patron saint -- Saint Mark.The feast day is not today, but rather next Friday, April 25th.  I wanted to give you time to mark your calendars. There are several places online where you can read about St. Mark. One of them is: Catholic Online (Saint Mark)Hopefully good thin...
Being a notary signing agent requires the ability to be extremely flexible with our time. We may be called to do a closing at 6 PM, only to discover that the loan documents won't be ready, and that the closing will have to be rescheduled for a later time. Perhaps 8 PM. That takes a lot of patienc...
Patience. It is considered a virtue.  For notary signing agents -- it is also a necessity.According to Wiki:"Patience is the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties."Sound familiar?Of course it does. W...

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