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Today I received an email from the NNA stating that paid assignments for TEAs (Trusted Enrollment Agents) may begin this week:_____________________________________________________________________________________"If you are one of the many Certified NSAs who began the Trusted Enrollment AgentTM re...
It's one of the hardest questions to answer, because it can never give a complete picture of 'what you do'.If I say 'I'm a teacher', what comes to your mind? You would also need to know what subject I teach, at what level, and more.  And even with all of that information, you still won't know 'wh...
After I completed the training to become a NNA Trusted Enrollment Agent, someone asked me, how much money can be made doing that.I never tried to put a dollar figure on how much money I could make. Not once. You may find that hard to believe, but it's true.  I think in different terms."The key to...
A little more than a week ago I accepted a closing assignment from a company that I had never worked with before. The closing was on March 20th.I received the check yesterday, on March 29th -- a little more than a week later.So what.Getting a check a week later is usually what one would expect fr...
Most notary signing agents would say that they should never be required.  They can be a real pain in the butt. You have to pull certain documents from the loan package, fax them to a company, then put them back in the stack.  It would make the job a lot simpler if the signing agent could just dro...
I received an email from the NNA (National Notary Association) last week inviting me to take part in the Trusted Enrollment Agent program.    According to the email:"Several large national corporations have contacted the NNA urgently seeking Notaries to serve as "Trusted Enrollment Agents." These...
Early in my career I received a call to do a closing while I was away from my desk. Not only that, I was riding my bike.  I recognized the name of the city, but I had no idea how much I should charge.Even when we're sitting at our desks, it isn't always easy to give someone a quote. There are so ...
Even if you're not a basketball fan, you're no doubt familiar with March Madness.  College basketball teams from across the country vie for the opportunity to make it to the 'Sweet 16', and hopefully on to the 'Final Four', where they'll have a shot at the National Championship. Pizza chains offe...
It's hard to pinpoint exactly when I became a notary signing agent.  There isn't exactly a rite of passage or special ceremony.I can recall when I received my Colorado notary certificate in the mail -- one of the prerequisites for being a notary signing agent.  After that I joined the NNA (Nation...
Stop for a moment. Pick up a book, or something with words on it. Put it as close to your eyes as possible. Try to read it. Difficult, isn't it?It seems that, the closer something is to us, the harder it is to focus on it.  We spend so much effort trying to get "the big picture", broadening our h...

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