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Granted, it takes 33 minutes to drive this 14 miles.  That's typical for areas up in the mountains.  But it is still not too long of a drive for a Notary Signing Agent. I got a call this morning from a title company asking me to do a closing this evening in Manitou Springs, Colorado:    I know Ma...
Q: If a soldier is stationed in another country, can his wife conduct real estate transactions, and sign his name to the documents in his absence? A: Yes. If he has granted her Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney is, as the name suggests, a powerful instrument. It can be used, or abused.  If use...
At the conclusion of a closing I had last Friday the borrower said: "Interesting process." It is indeed interesting. Borrowers are often curious to know how all of this works -- how I get access to their loan documents, since I'm in Colorado Springs, and the title company and lender are someplace...
I received an email this morning that can be interpreted as an increase in closing assignments for Notary Signing Agents who do Reverse Mortgage closings: It states that Reverse Mortgage originations rose 4.2% in 2008, and that there are market signs for continued growth in 2009. Notary Signing A...
I recently wrote about how difficult it is to get paid in this business.  It's becoming increasingly harder to trust companies.  Companies that were once the most highly respected companies in this industry are now bankrupt and out of business, leaving many Notary Signing Agents unpaid for closin...
'You mean, I have a choice?' Well, it's not exactly like 'having it your way' at a fast food restaurant.  But if you ask a notary to 'notarize a document', you should be prepared to give the notary instructions on how you want it notarized.  Because the notary is not permitted to make the choices...
Q: 'Why is my interest rate so high?'  A: 'Sir, that's the Annual Percentage Rate. The reason it's expressed that way is because ...' With so many numbers involved at closing, it's understandable that the borrower will have many questions and concerns.  As the Notary Signing Agent it is not my ro...
With so many notary signing agents to choose from, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find closers who are qualified for the particular closing assignment that they have. For example, the company may have a Reverse Mortgage closing.  They find a notary signing agent who is just 3 ...
One of the drawbacks of eSignings is that, although it's supposed to eliminate paper loan documents, there are still paper documents to sign.  Ideally the borrower would be able to sign all of the documents with the click of a mouse. But there are documents that require notarization.  Those docum...
What is difficult about being a Notary Signing Agent? a) late loan documentsb) reaching a loan officer during a closingc) getting paidd) all of the above   If you chose d), you are correct.  There are a lot of other things that make this job difficult, but this was a multiple choice question, not...

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