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Talking to a Seller about pricing, here's the language.  After explaining that there is more competition and therefore most houses are staying on the market longer; and after you have gone over your market analysis showing them the days on market and sale price statistics from this year versus la...
The other day I was one of the first people to hear and spread the news of the proposed use of the $8,000 tax credit as down payment money. There has been much talk and speculation and now it does appear that the government is rethinking this strategy. It was pulled because it appeared to violate...
This was really funny.  I know this client and I absolutely believe she said what follows. A client had a seller whose house was not selling, easy to imagine in this market.  His house was dated and they were trying for the price that might sell it if it were updated.  Obviously, in this market i...
Recently Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan gave a speech at the National Association of Realtors Real Estate Summit. Below is an excerpt from his speech regarding FHA's position on the 8000 tax credit being used as a down payment: "We are taking action to further help the h...
As a coach I focus on the growth of my client's business.  When a client's business regresses or stagnates I look carefully at what is happening and how they can overcome it.  We have our coaching charts that really help us pinpoint the cause of a decline.  Then there are the really difficult rea...
My Clients are telling me more and more stories about successful staging.  One said that a seller called her.  She has a debilitating physical condition.  Her husband transferred and was already out of town.  When the Agent told the seller that someone could come in and help clear and sort; then ...
I coach and teach people that the best focus of their business is the number of appointments with new buyers and sellers that they have each week.  There is no doubt about this.  My coaching client's results year after year prove it. Well, the thing that made me think about it is that I see Agent...

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