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Keep it simple, stupid; or, the more polite version, keep it simple, salesperson.  Or, keep it short and simple.  This has been an instruction to teach salespeople to avoid unnecessary complexity with prospects.  The simpler the salesperson can make the decision for the prospect the more likely t...
Thank you!  I am sincerely grateful to you.  Those of you who read this blog, who listen to my webinars, attend my workshops, and find some value or entertainment in my work, thank you.  The teacher is often the student.  Throughout the year you have shared your ideas with me that have expanded t...
How do you choose and market an Open House to generate the most Buyers?  How do you engage the Open House Guests in a way that creates immediate trust?  What is the perfect script that reveals the Buyer's motivation and urgency?  With less Buyers in the market, demanding more, offering less, and ...
I often get questions about what to put on direct mail postcard mailers. Here is some verbiage I recently sent to a client. This type of information is more on point then recipes and gardening tips.  It also places you as the expert in the minds of the people in your market.  On the front side of...
I am Rich Levin's assistant, Rebecca, I am having a problem and was hoping someone could help. I use Windows Movie Maker to edit videos, all of a sudden it won't save them (Actually converting back to a .wmv file) It freezes up at 79%. I had jsut finished saving one video which worked fine, went ...
Great expression I just read from Eben Pagan.  "You are not in business.  You are in marketing."  I love that.  I am continuously teaching groups and my individual clients that marketing is the lifeblood of your business.  I am not using that "lifeblood" expression easily.  Just like your life de...
"I'm overwhelmed!!!"  A Coaching Client called me last night and said, "Rich, I'm in that place again where I'm immobilized by the feeling of overwhelm.  Can you HELP?  Please." There is a principle here that will transform your business and perhaps your life.  When you are confused, overwhelmed ...

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