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In the middle of a sweet dream, the alarm goes off.  I spring (literally, I am in quite good shape) out of bed and get to it quickly to limit the chances it will wake Chava.  (I purposely put it across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.  The easiest thing in the world is to craw...
Talked to one of the clergy at our temple the other day and I asked him what gets people to come back for more?  What causes people to come back to the synagogue for a service and what makes people invite me back for a presentation.  He agreed the service in which his hymns had the characteristic...
I have received several questions about how to use the $8,000 tax credit in Agent Marketing. I have seen a lot of people use the phrase "find out if you qualify" or some such phrase.  It seems distracting to me as if it is hard to get this.  I recommend something like the following.  Call (by the...
I just had very interesting conversation with a coaching client.  This woman raised two children and paid for their college educations with her Real Estate career as her only income.  She sells all kinds of residential single family and investment properties.  Yet to listen to her you would think...
There is no question about it.  The numbers are too strong to deny it.  Agents are reporting increased activity to me from California to Florida. The foreclosures in the markets most burdened with them are being bought at a steady pace.  The best news is that they are being bought by first time B...
It was a privilege to have lunch with NAR President McMillan recently at a State convention.  At the beginning of his remarks he said, "Your speaker (Rich Levin) was so motivating he had me want to get up and cheer."  That still puts a smile on my face. President McMillan has an excellent perspec...
Does the way you start your morning affect your whole day?  That would seem obvious.  One of my Tony Robbins recordings is called Daily Magic.  It leads you through starting your day with moving and breathing, gratitude, visualization, and celebration.  Since I have been doing that the past few m...
Are you Twittering?  I would like to follow you, particularly to create a stream about what is going on in your market and the types of encounters you are having with Buyers and Sellers.  You will find me @RichLevin.  Please let me know so I can follow you and if you like you can follow me, I wan...

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