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There is a change in the Truth in Lending Act that affects nearly all mortgage loans.  It does not appear that it will be overly troublesome for Real Estate Agents.  The one rule that may have some impact describes a three day waiting period if the APR changes by more than 1/8 (.125%) to allow t...
In a recent blog post I was discussing a client that is struggling right now both personally and professionally. He specifically was asking how to get Buyers and Sellers to make a decision; here was my response.A few tips on getting a Buyer or Seller to decision.1. Prepare them at the initial pre...
This is an e-mail exchange with a Coaching Client (a Real Estate Agent) that is going through a tough period in his life, children, family, and health issues.  He is also struggling to get Buyers to contract and I will discuss my answer to him in my next blog post.I wrote...Have we talked about t...
Today was our 100th 1st Fifteen Webinar! We are so excited to deliver valuable information to you every day and from the fabulous feedback that you are giving us it is working. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that was on the webinar for their kind words, thoughts and ideas. They we...
Can you believe it?  This Friday, July 17th will be our 100th daily webinar that we have been doing every weekday since February.  In celebration we are sending you gifts.  Anyone on the webinar or who listens in will receive a basket of free gifts, scripts, checklists, negotiating tips, PowerPoi...
"You cannot begin to know the spiritual until you control the physical."  I like that thought. This is a quote from the author, Bikram Choudhury.  It's true for Real Estate careers also.  You cannot begin to appreciate the amazing opportunity a Real Estate career offers you until you control the ...
A commercial Agent asked me sent an e-mail her received selling a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system.  He asked my opinion.  Agents are constantly being solicited to buy stuff, subscribe to stuff, and register for stuff.  Below is my response to him.  You may find it helpful. This sound...

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