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Graphic designers do a great job with colors, layout, design, etc.  Graphic designers' expertise is not marketing.  The focus of their training is not marketing.  So, be careful company's ten to call their graphic design departments, marketing departments.  Unfortunately, the talented graphic des...
Questions always come up whether farming works.  Is it worth it?  If so, how do I make it work for me?Farming, done right works; and it doesn't take six months or longer for it to work, if you do it correctly.  When you farm, send relevant neighborhood data, houses sold over the past year, along ...
Computers wear out.  Tools wear out.  Even the land wears out.  So do you.  Saturdays have been my day off for over thirty years.  As an Agent actively selling Real Estate there were two exceptions.  Signatures were exceptions.  If someone is going to sign a listing or purchase contract - get it ...
REALTOR Magazine recently published this article indicating owning a home is still the best investment for the future. It did acknowledge some areas of the country are still experiencing negative equity but even in those areas, people that have owned their homes for 10, 20, or 30 years still have...
Positive news about the Real Estate market continues make headlines.  All this year even before the tax credit was announced have been reporting to us that business in improving.  In many areas there are multiple offers.  One Client in Tampa, who is generating a huge number of leads from his web ...
I would like some opinions if possible, what is a hot topic or something you would like to see me either write about or do a tele-seminar on? All suggestions welcome
How balanced is your life?  I did this exercise again.  You know, the one where you look at the categories of your life, Spiritual, Family, Mental, Health, Wealth/Financial, Career etc.  And then you plot them on a wheel.  And see if your wheel is round enough to actually roll.  My wheel was pret...

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