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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.



That's Our Policy / A Consumer's Guide To Buyer's Brokers/Agents That's our policy! Wake up home buyers! You're entitled to your own policy too!  It's your money, it's your life, it's going to be your home! I have over forty years of lending and real estate experience let me tell you about my pol...
Few things are more expensive than free! Forty years a go we talked about Free Love, the price many paid for it limited their entire life. Few things are more expensive than free! Today we get a free second infomercial device, but we have to pay additional shipping and handling witch exceeds the ...
Bryan Brady is back! Bryan Brady is back with a vengeance! Active Rain just got concerdably better than yesterday. Bryan is writing about one of my pet peeves, the non-sense of employing an agent who's being paid by the other side! I've disabled comments they should be added to the original. Bil...
I went to bed last night with a profound sense of loss. I woke up feeling considerably older than yesterday. It's said you can never go back and I believe it. But, I've always taken great comfort in the idea you could visit. Last week end my parents attended their annual high school reunion in Cl...
There is much to be gained Leaning From Ignorance Avoiding Arrogance!  I learn everyday from the ignorant, ignorance does not mean stupid it means lack of knowledge. A certain innocence through lack of experience. Maybe even virginal, but with a sincere interest. I've had more experience than mos...
Practicing Real Estate At a Higher Level!  The practice of real estate has changed, is changing, and will change some more! At all times containing the nice guy and the hustler, the competent and the idiot, the trusted fiduciary and the montonbanco in every incestuous combination there of. The mo...
Lucky is the man that knows where to stand! Some where after 200 BC, Archimedes said " Give me where to stand and I will move the earth." He later revised it to the more familiar "Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth." Never is this so true as when looking at our fathers. Every one ...
“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” so said George Santayana. But, like most truisms if we look even farther back we find Edmund Burke (1729-1797) Said  “Those who don’t know history are destine to repeat it!”  Today is the 69th university of the day Ann Frank started her famous d...
Encouraging The Cockalorum Client requires understanding and an acute bovine filter. We must understand that most people are self-important! We salesmen certainly are! And, rightfully so. In fact when people lose their sense of self-importance we nearly force feed them anti-depressant drugs. I ne...
Murder Short Sales And Real Estate do they have anything in common? Maybe. Lets start with a hypothetical murder, you kill a woman and her friend. You then hire a team of comedy writers and suto-historians to defend you. They convince the jury you're innocent, not because you didn't do it, but be...

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