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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.



Tell me what were their names!  ToDAY is May 30th Decoration Day! A day to remember those who so love our country they gave their lives. No one volunteers to die, no one wants to die, but like one who went before they so loved us that they willingly faced death to save us. So far their collectiv...
Parrot Tyro Or Real Estate Sage which are you? Parrots learn the words and repeat them when triggered. Parrots and agents need about six months to absorb all the buzz words. At six months they're very entertaining. At six months having mastered pronunciation training often ends. Parrots and agen...
Auto distraction by desultory rationalization! Are your morals defined by redefining common meanings? Do you justified yourself by randomly digressing from the subject? Do you misidentifie the immoral by calling it a similar moral accepted activity? Do you justify your behavior by ignoring the ob...
What's My Price Range Another Stupid Question. I originally wrote this back in February of 2008 see: How Much Can I Afford / A Stupid Question I've brought it back because of an a very good series by my friend George Soto: First Time Homebuyer Seminar .............. Basic Openning Questions , Fir...
How to win the lotteryYou want to win the lottery! I want to win the lottery! Yesterday I was told my client's chances were as good as wining the lottery. Chapter # 1   I chaired a very heated meeting between three builders and four of the people I represented. We'd been stalled trying to get bui...
 Home Buying In A Declining Market can and normally does make sense. Selected real estate investing makes sense for the same reasons!  In: Now Is A Great Time I talked about the magic amortization provides in real estate it's still there! In: Practical Pragmatic Real Estate I talked about selecte...
As you know I only debate issues with people I respect. This is my response to a comment on Benevolent Banks By a man I highly respect. "Law of convenience"? That's been the justification use by crooks and thieves since time immortal. Depression era bank robber Willy Sutton is said to have been a...
Benevolent Banks give shorts sale debt relief to deserving home owners, because they are entitled to it. The government gave the banks our tax dollars, our kids tax dollars, our grand kids tax dollars and most likely their grandchildren's tax dollars so home owners can get relief from over finan...
Tilting With Wind Mills The Other Side, there's always another side to every argument. Consider that noble knight Don Quixote,The Man of La Mancha himself. Sensing evil, blinded by testosterone, illogic, and hate, he mounts a convent steed, produces a very long phallic symbol, tilts it at the sus...
Forgotten real estate deed restrictions,a powerful tool for those with the foresight and ability to impose them. Deed restrictions are not limited to the CC&R's on a subdivision or HOA. If your selling a property you can impose them on all future owners, provided they do not discriminate against...

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