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Sometimes looking across maybe the five or six major social media platforms I think it may be this universe type of conspiracy to rob us of time first, then line the pockets of the device makers, the apps makers, and the carriers that sell you the bandwidth of connectivity on a monthly basis. And...
The expression, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" you can see all around you in life. People with similarities, people with common interests. They are quirky like you, they have the same weirdnesses. Whether friends, some of your family, business or hobby associates you spend more time with, PA...
A very hard lesson for a Home Seller to grasp is all the unique custom designs they added to their home along the way A New Buyer May Hate Them. A REALTOR has to neutralize homes to more standard features often as a suggestion, a reality to the seller. Taking the Mooseheads off the wall in every ...
I always think with today's busy world I am thankful for A Happy Childhood. Playing outside more, climbing trees, chasing the ice cream truck down the block, slower times, not instant everything with media. I do think with pocket computers, especially playing games, today's youth by parents needs...
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Watching sports on weekends when not working, in sports bars in particular, I hear a lot of stories of people down on their luck. Or maybe they amplify problems. But I see a lot of folk losing hope. I by my OWN actions know that I count, and I remind others THEY count too. We ALL Need Hope In Our...
In dealing with our customers and fellow agents even to a lesser degree Beware Of Non Genunine People. Fake people, which are the opposite of real people. What I mean by that, is they don't give you the straight scoop, they don't do what they say, there is a huge MISSING element to the story you ...
I suppose this means we are supposed to have an almost clean desk  :)GIF produced and courtesy of:Best Reviews
In understanding our clients or other people we don't know so well, OFTEN we think to ourselves they CHANGED. The reality is they were REVEALED. It is akin to Understanding People Is Seeing Underwater. There are more cards you have not seen. Enough of what they WANT to reveal has not been reveale...
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