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The phrase kind of applies with a possible release in October or later this year of the Apple iWatch mobile device, that everything old is new again. Many people have stopped wearing watches for time keeping using their smartphones for a clock. The iWatch in many versions and sizes might be like ...
Do you know you have an internal MAGNIFER? They are called the WORDS that you send out into the world. When talking with others we should always be looking for the GOOD in them. We have two choices with people: COMPLIMENTS CRITICISM While criticism if constructive is helpful to steering people by...
I will make the not so surprising statement that the modern Smartphone Is Not A Phone. Yes it CAN make phone calls but we seem to do that at last resort with EVERYTHING else our computer/internet/games/apps/camera/phone thingamajig does. The trend NOW is to AVOID uncomfortable human contact. Phon...
I have written about something I have observed throughout life, and it is that "life will surprise you sometimes." It surprises you yes with disappointments and things that don't go the way you want them to but I do think if you pay attention closely and keep your eyes and ears WIDE OPEN the good...
I have enjoyed going from late spring into early summer reading many posts here and seeing photos on Facebook of people's gardens showing blooming fruits and beautiful flowers. It made me transition to the metaphor thought,    Be A Good Gardener Of Your Mind. Your mind is very much like a garden....
With aphorisms, or quotations, always try to find the opposite of the one you hear to know most often that the world REALLY is not as black and white as some of these foo foo Tony Robbins motivational speakers would lead you to believe. I see things naturally in a contrarian way so when the speak...
It is very Biblical the phrase, Ask And You Shall Receive. Yet in many business, social, and situations for us to GROW in all sorts of ways a handful of people need to practice this ASKING more to get where they want to go. Namely,      Overcoming Shyness. It is not limited to just what you might...
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