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This is a blog about real estate topics both of interest to readers nationally and the local Dallas Ft. Worth area authored by REALTOR Gary Woltal of Keller Williams in Flower Mound, TX. Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller Williams, Flower Mound, TX,Gary Woltal Blog, Buy a house in Flower Mound, Flower Mound Home Search, Sell Buy Flower Mound TX homes for sale



Back in the 1980's in sports bars electronic game arcades typically had games like Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man. If you were looking for those type games today you would be called Old School. Not that NEW is always better than old paths but check yourself with your business prospecting, your communica...
Many bloggers recently and in the past have written struggling about procrastination in their business and personal lives. A tip to kill off procrastination tendencies: Feed The Focus Starve The Distractions. To a large extent the "many" distractions that surround us take us off course of what we...
It was hilarious to me doing my drive by commenting over in Facebook land recently. Most of the time I try to stay positive particularly when someone's main topic is bashing something whether it be a person, particularly politics, or a situation. This time they were bashing the restaurant McDonal...
Let it never be said that I am not cutting edge and don't rush out to you previews of the Super Bowl commercials so while you are eating your chips and dip and drinking a cold one with friends at your Super Bowl party, you can tell them your old pal Gary showed you this one already!! Kind of a me...
In many sales training classes I have gone through over the years, they talk about the USP of an individual or business. The Unique Selling Proposition. What makes you different? What do you uniquely bring to the table? The REASON referrals from past customers to gain new customers is a strong wa...
This little cartoon is making its rounds on the Internet and in case you didn't bump into it, a chuckle for your day if you are a dog lover like me.
A three question test to satisfy yourself that you are going down the right path solidly with a business contact (or personal relationship) is as follows.... what THEY really want to know is: DO YOU CARE ABOUT ME? CAN YOU HELP ME? CAN I TRUST YOU? Keep seeing those three questions answered in the...
The recent attack on the cartoonists with their sarcasm at the French publication, Charlie Hebdo, made me really think of freedom of expression and freedom to write what you want. For those of us in real estate or blogging we have all encountered something we wrote, "being reported" to the powers...
What happens when you attach a camera to a happy dog, in this case his name is Walter, and let him run in the morning off the Sicily coast toward his favorite activity? Watch and see. We all need to share the level of enthusiasm Walter has for life.
With today's need to have answers like with Google searches and the power of the world with information in the hand with our smartphone there is a tendency to think things should be fixed or "right" instantaneously. It is just not TRUE. If things are not right, GIVE IT TIME. Whether real estate t...

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