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In the olden days of cheaper car manufacturing often believe it or not ONLY some flimsy glue held the rear view mirror to the inside of the windshield. Heat over time and vibration of the car would knck it loose. Torn Down Rearview Mirrors Can Be A Good Thing. Not for driving but in life as an an...
It stuns me constantly of all the blessings we truly have, the gift of another DAY, of LIFE itself, that people take for granted. You simply CANNOT waste the precious element of time you are given to be your very best every day. A humorous saying is ANY DAY THIS SIDE OF DIRT IS A GOOD ONE. I know...
One thing I do get tired of particularly listening to others in meetings is COMPLAINING. But for ourselves, we can Stamp Out Complaining By Counting Our Blessings. We have it so tough. Telemarketers, traffic, business is not up to par, the price of food or gasoline. True, some of us have relation...
In the days of my parents growing up for them in the 1930's and 1940's RADIO was the thing. The GE theater and ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS programs. It was all about the microphone. What Does Your Microphone Say About You? I do remember these toys, the Mister Microphone where it amplified your voice to...
Many areas around the country whether today or this week start up school for the kids again. Be careful out there with them running around in the morning with your cars. Often people also with a new week I hear them DREAD Monday. Well if you just decide to have a GOOD MOOD first thing instead of ...
With the recent passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams there was this graphic from the movie Dead Poets Society talking about words. Don't Be Lazy With Words. Whether writing in blogging or social media, writing a description of a property, general speaking or forcefully trying to get you p...
In surrounding yourself with people in life, Seek Kind People and Beware Wolves In Sheep Clothing. Kind people are pretty easy to sense. You just feel it with them. Always helping, a twinkle in their eye, MOST animal lovers, thinking of OTHERS nearly all the time. But BEWARE also the wolves in sh...
I look at the exteriors and particularly the INTERIORS of many homes showing buyers, listing for sellers, neighborhood gatherings and I have thought The Beauty Of A Home Is In Its Art Form. I particularly do not like box shaped house exteriors cause it looks like the architect is lazy with design...
If I have had one pet peeve or maybe I will say RANT with people over a good period of time of observing their lack of civility is the category of      NO RESPONSE. The level and the extent to which people can IGNORE you is louder than the roar of a jet engine. Mind you, this is not like no respo...

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