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While in general I am not a big promoter of New Year's resolutions, cause most people break them, and then you feel WORSE, a two word one I like is:            I CAN. I have promoted liberal use of the word NO in your life to cut through to your priorities. That would be like saying I WON'T. But ...
Seeing the world completely backwards from most people nearly all the time, I thought you will be hearing about goals to set, personal and business for an upcoming new year. All important, and I am not taking anything away from that. But with addition by subtraction think too your anti goals list...
Two themes of Christmas you hear a lot about are Peace on Earth, and Joy to the World. A lot of that beyond Christmas if you hold peace and joy in your heart, you can carry it forward to all people you meet and just from your little one person perspective make the world a MUCH better place. Do no...
In business and personal communication effective listening is vital. Commit to getting better at it going forward. REDISCOVER IT FOR YOURSELF AS A NEW ARTFORM. Two things: Listen twice as much as you talk. Remember the two ears one mouth visual In keenly listening to another in a conversation, wo...
It is so not easy to effectively communicate with people. I am starting to think it is getting WORSE lately than say 10 or 20 years ago. The world is moving too fast, and people are not taking time to SLOW DOWN to see if the recipient has received a high level of understanding. It can happen face...
I think sometimes we can all emphasize positive thinking too much or realistic thinking but even better with accomplishing pretty much ANYTHING in life is to focus on POSSIBILITY thinking. Namely our greatest roadblock in life is US. Our thinking, sure, not just positive or negative but BELIEF. I...
In reading around a lot, and also mingling with lots of folks in a day, even watching TV or reading rants on the Internet social media, I am amazed how serious everyone is like ALL THE TIME. Sure there are weighty things to ponder and solve but levity should be a balance in our lives. So much lau...
I think we would all agree in a turbulent world of business and life in general we could add more inner peace to feel better. Two strategies (best you can) to calm things down with DRAMA of others you may find yourself in: 1. DISENGAGE after you feel the confrontation heating up. You don't have t...

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