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Do you know what it means to find a person's channel? No, not like tune into Channel 2 on the TV and there they appear. No, not sit across from some psychic or fortune teller with a crystal ball between you, hum Kumbaya and channel someone from the dead or across the country or world. A person's ...
In the fourth term election for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in November 1944 FDR looked tired, having been President since March of 1933. His opponent Thomas Dewey urged it was time for a change. Mired in World War II FDR urged voters not to switch horses in midstream. That thought worked and Roose...
In business you have to get the word out about you. It is not selfish or egotistical, think of it more as educational to the world. Afterall your unique selling proposition and what you are interested and good at needs to be clearly communicated. Some painless ways to talk about YOU: Talk you up ...
In Sales 101 training (and YES real estate is sales) we were all taught during a presentation of any sort to accompany a feature of something with the benefit. You know, spacious backyard means plenty of room for the family dog and the kids to play, triple coat paint means less maintenance for ye...
In looking at the variety of friends you might choose for yourself remember to Add A Good Staple Of Wacky Friends To Your Life. Why? Not only will it add to your enjoyment in your life with more laughter, less stress, but they will come up sometimes with the most off the wall ideas that ACTUALLY ...
Oftentimes with technology we can have a love hate relationship with it. Some things like when the World Wide Web appeared on the seen in 1994 you jump on it. Other times with things like QR codes for example you may be a late adopter, seeing if they gain a foothold, and are prevalent in society ...
In winning customers for life it is really no different than in personal relationships. The basic question to ask yourself do you really CARE about this other person? I was asked what gift I would like. I always answer that is easy. To me, ANYONE giving me the gift of their time, whether email, t...
They say Moms even before the word multitasking was invented were the all time natural multitaskers with raising children. But Cut Down On Multitasking To Be Really Good. Research has shown despite living in a rat race world that requires us to do it, multitasking is not for our serial thinking b...
Biblical stories fascinate me. The Tower of Babel in Genesis after the Noah and the Ark flood, all the people spoke one language and were building the first skyscraper to the heavens. God for some reason scrambled their languages, maybe rebellion of God on their part or thinking they could be on ...
As you get older you learn about the consequences to attachment. What I mean by attachment is investing of yourself, your time, energy, talents, even money to things, organizations, people, pets, causes and projects. Everything has tradeoffs and costs. By doing one thing you can't in that same in...

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