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This is a blog about real estate topics both of interest to readers nationally and the local Dallas Ft. Worth area authored by REALTOR Gary Woltal of Keller Williams in Flower Mound, TX. Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller Williams, Flower Mound, TX,Gary Woltal Blog, Buy a house in Flower Mound, Flower Mound Home Search, Sell Buy Flower Mound TX homes for sale



In solving problems it is imperative to remember that,        One Size Does Not Fit All. In real estate, EVERY single transaction is different and sometimes our experience from a previous deal puts in peril getting the next deal done. We believe our own myths from what we have seen or felt before...
I have always loved the following quotation to think about not working yourself to the bone. "If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." In a work hard play hard mix we have in life we do need to       Find The Fun the enjoyment in both...
I think they have so many training courses and seminars in all fields of business including real estate on the "SECRETS" to success. I heard an author along the way say you need to get out and do more "belly to belly" selling. I think there is much to that thought. In that light, I would offer TH...
So when your phone rings do you try to answer it most times? I envision a lady REALTOR driving towards an appointment and the darn thing rings in her purse and she is fishing it out while she drives. Often just as bad as texting while driving or talking on a phone in a school zone we should not p...
OK, granted we are PAST Thanksgiving but my silliness lingers as a Tryptophan high I would guess from the turkey and trimmings and hopefully all those wacky relative conversations at the dinner table are behind us now. But this one might give you a little post holiday chuckle so enjoy the update....
I don't know what it is about a visual or audio blurb you hear along the way either from TV a movie, something you read or saw in a magazine, a book, on the web or from a person but sometimes these visuals and words STICK. So is it with any of us being fence sitters in life too long. Pondering so...
As a little light fun following these Thanksgiving holiday meals where we stuff ourselves seemingly each year I pay attention to Budweiser and their very creative commercial producers utilizing their famous Clydesdales horses. This should get us thinking of wintertime out ahead but enjoy the clev...
It is ironic that the day of Thanksgiving for thinking about what we DO have in our lives and having gratitude for that is followed by Black Friday, a huge shopping day focusing on what we DON'T have and must buy. We need to Unlock The Key Of Gratitude On Thanksgiving. Mainly understanding that g...
I'm on the Internet and I can't get off. Web based applications that now drive to mobile devices are becoming MORE addictive with our time cause of the easier access to us in our 24 hour day. BUT Beware Of Social Media And Blogging Addiction. The core thing to understand in allocating just the pr...
Diversity and Fair Housing means no prejudice to getting people into homes based on creed, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. I think in just our growing and living and learning in life we ALL need to focus on ALL AGE GROUPS and be "inclusive" with people. Diversity Should Extend Through All ...

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