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In negotiation you will often encounter something akin to a "crying baby". Observing this syndrome strong arm tactic, the other side is trying to tug on you with the symptoms of a very loud person, whining, making YOU feel like you are in the wrong or the bad guy. It is an almost no move stubborn...
I wrote a recent post with our busy lives of feeling good and maintaing proper weight with avoiding fast food as much as possible. Also not thought of near enough is that we can Find Tons More Energy With Adequate Sleep. I know we all try to squeeze as much as we can into life with minimal sleep,...
I have just come across this morning an advertisement for a New Texas Rain Gauge. It is really the latest rage. I think they are taking orders as fast as they can get them..... if you can't fine one locally I will check with my local WalMart for you and see if they still have any on the shelf.
I have been accused of being Mr. Zoom Zoom with my always ON connectivity to the Internet through a wide variety of Internet access I always have with business and personal sides of my life. Speed of connectivity is good, speed of response by phone or email or text is good, everything in balance ...
I have written a blog or two in the past about holding our tongue and watching negativity coming from our lips. Thinking about how we can impact another's feelings. But also, Words Set new Directions For Us Descrbing a home as cozy. Well lit. Large backyard. Wood floors. Skylight in kitchen. We w...
We all in our business and personal lives need to work better on focus. Other than first figuring out what you want to do based on what is meaningful to you and then prioritizing what to do first, I think the largest impediment in accomplishing something is distraction. So      Get A Handle On Di...
I think with high school math teachers in particular they have an aversion to shortcuts, and maybe rightly so.    All Shortcuts Are Not Necessarily Bad. Take learning multiplication tables or doing multiplying, dividing, adding and subtraction long hand. Surely there is that pocket calculator tha...
I thought it might be a good review and a reminder when watching other people and even thinking of ourselves when we have crossed the line. It can happen to any of us    When Confidence Becomes Arrogance. It is moving FROM confident ability TO overconfident arrogance. The key that is lacking is h...

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