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A few things over at Facebook I smile at. One is the reminder for your "friends" birthdays which is very cool to have that handy. It is a privilege getting older cause many are not so lucky. Also the concept of writing on other's Walls, humorously thinking back to the blank walls with etchings in...
On Memorial Day remembering our fallen warrior heroes....           IT IS THE SOLDIER It is the Soldier, not the minister Who has given us freedom of religion. It is the Soldier, not the reporter
Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the Soldier, not the poet
Who has given us freedom of sp...
8 weeks to One Year in a flash for Dunder  
Growing up I had great fun building model railroad layouts and running those trains all over the course. They had one smaller size scale H-O and the very large trains the O scale. I would build tunnels out of paper mache and set up crossing guards with lights and build little train stations. Face...
I love witty quotes of wisdom in life. I also LOVE the anti-quote that refutes all that wisdom. Why? Cause there are exceptions to the rule. So don't be a stick in the mud with rigid thinking and think the opposite from time to time even in real estate. Think A Mouse With A Crash Helmet With Exce...
One area of stress in our relationships, between business parties, family members, significant others is what I call score keeping. Tallying who is doing more of the giving, and who is doing most if not an unbalanced share of taking. Even in marriages you will never get that ideal 50-50 mix any g...
I literally have never had writer's cramp and could write blog after blog all day long if I had to. Something about an overactive imagination I guess. But from our blogging conference Dallas RainCamp some said they spent hours writing a post. I am not really debating quality vs. speed with quanti...
This is a blog post with an absolute REQUEST FOR ACTION on your part. No I am not trying to sell anything to you, but please check your status or MAKE A DECISION after reading this.                     Backup Backup Backup Or Get Massively Stressed Immerse yourself in this scenario having lost a ...
You may have heard of the Cloud. It is really nothing new. In the 1990's they called it Software As A Service, or Client-Server, or Peer to Peer, or even Mainframe Computing. Essentially having the applications, storage, and computing out there in the ether somewhere and you just tie into it with...
I have seen a few people cheating on this Wordless Wednesday posting where you are just supposed to throw out there a fave or interesting photo but you JUST HAVE TO add a few lines of text (in the post rather than the comments) to splain yourself. So I too am a cheat today. So my two cents narrat...

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