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I was reading an article in today's tighter economy of how to focus on core things in your life economically, foregoing much of the frills and that would be your path to "richness." You know, coupon cutting, giving up cable, unlisted number phone charges, gourmet coffee, excessive meals out, etc....
Sidekick Ed McMahon once on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson laughed at Johnny at him saying he got his jokes at the produce section of California grocery store Ralph's. Like Johnny EVER did his own shopping. Once you get to a top level of celebrity you can hardly go out. PRIVACY lost for sure...
When grabbing that camera as an amateur photographing a home for your MLS or web sites keep these things in mind as a checklist: INTERIOR Turn on all lights, fireplace on too if possible Minimize clutter in living areas and end tables Remove small throw rugs in bathrooms and foyer areas Remove sm...
In our calendaring of our lives for purposes of keeping track of personal and business items, Are You Keeping An Active Monthly Calendar? What I mean by that is not that you can't electronically blow the schedule out to a Month view but especially on the paper version PLAN for a whole month at a ...
REPUBLICAN POOL PARTY Yes, those wacky Republicans are at it again. I thought about not posting this but I thought you could handle it. WET AND WILD Young Republicans having fun. WARNING This is a NON-RATED video and the participants do not have clothes on. Young Republicans
Ask ANY woman in a bar setting what they find attractive in a man. Among the top three is ALWAYS: Confidence. Especially in business we need to Be Bold By Dressing In Our Confidence Pants. We lack confidence sometimes due to being new at something and unsure of ourselves. Well get more practice a...
Sometimes when I write about technology questions I try to keep it as high level as possible to encourage general discussion for everyone and not go down to a bits and bytes discussion. So today's thought centers around Is Facebook Becoming The Internet? I ask that, because coming out of this pas...
Let's face it in the business world and your personal life you will have setbacks, disappointments, frustrations, days where you did not accomplish what you wanted or to the degree you wanted, and life circumstances like tragedies, mishaps or accidents that hit you out of the blue. So, Do You Hav...
I always thought people admire "stars" on TV and in movies too much kind of living their exciting lives vicariously through them. It has always annoyed me this people worship so to speak, cause if ANY of us looks at ourselves in the mirror in the morning WE are a star too. We just have to Unleash...
I must admit, speech from other people fascinates me. Whether they talk slow or have rapid speech. Soft or loud or mixed. The tone of their voice. Does the guy think he is sexy with the low "manly" voice or I think he sounds like a two pack a day smoker? Women with higher voices seem natural whil...

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