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Hi folks. I was browsing through some of my older posts today and found this little ditty about FSBOs (For Sell By Owners). To fully appreciate this post you really have to pop over and read the comment stream on Jeff's post. YOWSER!!!  Jeff Turner posted "For Sale By Owner: Raise the price then...
Hardship: Financial and medical. The Seller is in his 80s and had never made a late payment on anything his entire life until he missed 3 payments on this property. He had lived here for almost 20 years. The property was refinanced to help pay the medical expenses of his terminally ill wife who ...
Hi folks. Recently, I've read quite a few posts on ActiveRain from folks trying to decide whether or not to stay in the business. The posts don't surprise me as I have been reading those types of posts on AR since I joined back in 2006. What surprises me are the comments from people who mention ...
FIND A SHORT SALE AGENT BY CLICKING ON THE MAP Hi Folks. Whether you're an agent, buyer, seller or investor you really need to come check us out over at  Our members are the best Short Sale Professionals in the business and are sharing what they know for FREE!! You do...
Hi Folks. Here's a comment that I received from an employee of Bank of America. I think it sums up some of the frustration that we are all going through. I will keep the comment anonymous and it has been edited for grammar. Here goes: "I have sat here and read through all of these messages and I ...
That's right. By far, the overwhelming majority of Homeowners in this country are NOT losing their homes. They either own their properties free and clear or are making their payments on time. It's hard for us to see this because we are in the business. If you are like me you live and breathe Rea...
Three bedroom 2 bath home located in Davenport Florida. Royal Ridge is a gated community about 15 minutes to Disney. Less than 1 mile to I-4. 30 minutes to Orlando and about 45 minutes to Tampa. This two story house has 1276 sq ft of living area and a hard to find downstairs master suite. Fenced ...
Earlier today I read a post byJoshua Pettus titled "I Quit!", "I Need a Real Job!", "I'm Broke!", and Other Things I've Said Recently  A very well written post pretty much pouring his heart out. Give it a read. Anyway, after reading his post I dug back through my archives and dug out this article...
Maybe. In the last two weeks I have loaded five short sales into the Equator system. All have had BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) ordered and one has already been countered and accepted by the seller. We should have a written approval by the end of the week. Now for those of you that have worked a ...
Christine Schneider wrote an article titled "When All is Said and Done".  If you haven't already take a few minutes and pop over and read it. It's basically about time management and how we can become overwhelmed if we don't take some down time for ourselves. I couldn't agree more with what Chris...

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