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I wonder about this quite often. It just seems to me that if Real Estate is your chosen career then wouldn't it make sense to have complete control over your business? After a very short time in Real Estate I knew I needed to have complete control of how I worked and how I got paid. My success or...
Hi folks. I want to talk a little bit about Flat Fee MLS Listings. There is a featured post titled "To Flat Fee or Not to Flat Fee" I'd link to it but it's "Member's Only". Anyway, the writer is asking "Why are so many agents opposed to flat fee listings?" That's a very good question. Based on t...
Hi guys. I need a cash buyer for this property today. 3 bedroom 1.5 bath pool home located about 3 blocks from Lake Howard in Winter Haven Florida. 1/4 acre fenced lot. The foreclosure auction is scheduled for November 8th. I need a cash buyer ASAP. The current lender is Citi Mortgage. You won't ...
Hi folks. I wrote this little story back in October 2007. We were just starting to get into the thick of thngs with foreclosures. This same house today would sell for about $65,000!!! ORIGINAL ARTICLE Hi humans. My name is A. House and I'm five years old. I know that doesn't sound old to you but ...
Hi folks. One of the first rules for a Short Sale Broker is to make sure the potential Seller has already tried to do a loan modification if they want to keep their property. Especially if the property is their primary residence. We WANT folks to stay in their homes if at all possible. A Short S...
Well folks. It finally happened. I've run out of blogging steam. After almost 4 1/2 years, 870 blog articles, 307 featured posts, 760,000+ points, 41,000+ comments received.....I've hit the proverbial wall. This current market has finally rendered me brain dead. I mean many $50,000...
Foreclosures and short sales have changed the way we look at we real estate. Instead of looking for the ideal home to raise a family in Buyers now just want a deal. It's all about the price and getting the best house for the least amount of money. But what I see as a Florida Real Estate Broker is...
Hi folks. While cruising around Face Book this morning I found a link posted by Matt Heaton that really helps to explain the beast that is MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems). The key a nut shell are: * Tax Avoidance. In the mid 1990s Mortgage Bankers set up MERS to avoi...
Hi folks. If you have been paying attention to the news over the last couple of weeks then you know that Chase, GMAC and Bank of America have suspended foreclosures in 23 States, including Florida. This is all related to employees signing documents and submitting them to the courts even though th...
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc Clueless REALTORS(R), whether new to the game or seasoned “pros”, can really make our jobs a lot more difficult than they need be and give the consumer valid reasons to distrust REALTORS(R). I think we can all agree that something needs to be done about it. The solutions, ...

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