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Hi folks. I had a conversation with an agent yesterday who mentioned to me that they had just changed brokerages after 7 years. When I asked "Why?" she said it was because her Broker doesn't give her any leads. I told her that the way to avoid this in the future is to learn how to generate your o...
Hi folks. Did you know, when I wake up in the morning the first thing that comes into my head is, "What can I Blog about today?" Then the phone rings and my question is answered..... "Good morning, Tutas Towne Realty, this is the incredibly good looking and intelligent Broker Bryant speaking, ho...
Real Estate is about more than just selling houses. We have to be able to communicate with people. We need to know how to get business. We have to be knowledgeable of changes in the market place. And most important....we have to keep it all in perspective. So please take some time before you get ...
Are you ready for another week? Here are a few things to get your mind working today.FHA Update from the horses mouth So parachuting from Space most be the ultimate "Go for it"!I found this to be very funny Fannie and Freddie to be eliminated. Not even sure what to think about this.I had to stop ...
Hello fellow Superstars, OK..... so what's been going on at this week? How about....71 new members! Welcome to all. Please be sure to take a minute and place your information and location on the "Referral Map"  You want to make sure people can find you if they are loo...
Good morning,Here are a few things to help stimulate your mind.Great explanatory videos about Social Media, twitter etc...I really LOVE these photos One person's opinion of the new FHA Guidelines (not mine)Need help scheduling?Facebook News Foursquare is going to be HUGE! How can we use it in our...
Are you ready? It's going to be complicated. My secret advice to agents about lead generation is to stop trying to figure it out and start doing it! It’s not so much what you do as it is that you do it. Be consistent. Wake up tomorrow morning and mail an expired listing letter to every expired/w...
I need a buyer quick on this one. Both lenders have approved the transaction in writing at $200,000. Approvals are good until 1/31/2010, Current buyer may not be able to close on time. Their loss may be your gain. This is an incredible property with over 3,000 sq ft living area, pool, media room...
  ....and you want it to be less than 7 years old with over 1500 sq ft of living area. Maybe this will help: Based on current market statistics, properties similar to the ones you are requesting are selling for $35 to $37 per sq ft living and 110% of the asking price. In order to stay under $60,...
.....only took 9 months!!! And we are not closed yet. Amazingly we still have the original Buyer that went under contract at the end of April 2009. Property location: Florida Keys (Vacation home) Hardship: Illness. Lender(s): Chase on the first and 2nd. About 5 months into the Short Sale transac...

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