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  Yes it has. In fact the start of the decline in my area, Central Florida, was May 2006. Here is my very first article I posted on ActiveRain back in July of 2006. Has the bubble burst? Or is it just slowly deflating? (This post has not been edited in anyway since I first wrote it) My market ar...
Hi folks. I'm getting ready to head out for day 3 of Florida Mortgage Broker School. I've always thought getting a Real Estate license was easy. Well after 16 hours of my 24 hour class I have concluded that getting a Mortgage Broker's license is WAY easier. Maybe it's because I have been in the R...
Well OK then. BUT.....did you know getting it removed is not enough? "What ya talkin' 'bout Willis?" Having the deficiency language removed from a Florida Short Sale approval letter don't mean squat. Of course, I am NOT an Attorney nor do I play one on TV. So you need to seek legal advice if thi...
I've got news for ya. You already did. When you purchased the property. You signed two documents. The mortgage. That created the lien and gave the lender the right to foreclose on your property (their collateral). And, you signed a promissory note. That was/is your personal promise to pay back t...
Hi Folks. Lot's of stuff going on over at  Our growth has been fantastic as we now have almost 1,600 members. For those of you that are on the site frequently you know that we have a great mixture of agents, buyers, sellers and investors. All sharing their experiences ...
I have a Short Sale with Bank of America that I have been working on for a very long time. In fact we are on our 4th Buyer. This Buyer has been under contract since August and has been very patient. I won't bore you with the details but just suffice it to say that today was the day I needed to ge...
Presentation is so important. The way we present information. The way we present ourselves. The way we present our responses to objections. Being a good presenter will make your business easier and will help to build your reputation as a fair person. And this of course will make people want to tr...
Want to be a landlord? If you answered "yes" then my next questions is ...Why? Why deal with collecting rents and tenant issues. Why let property taxes, insurance, management fees and repair costs cut into your money? Here's another option that some of my Investors have been doing. Instead of be...
3953 Shawn Circle Orlando Florida 328263 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1613 Sq Ft Living Area Built in 1999Click here for full details $145,000 Beautiful home with many upgrades. Convenient NE Orlando location. Rounded drywall corners, tile flooring in the family room, screened and covered rear porch...
Hi Folks. Recently I have had two Buyers balk at providing me personal info I need if they want to purchase a Bank of America Short Sale. I really do understand where they coming from but....most of the big lenders including Bank of America and GMAC are now running most of their short sales throu...

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