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Title Companies handling Short Sale "negotiations" is the new trend in my area. I quote "negotiations" because they don't really handle negotiations at all. Instead they do what Title Companies do....shuffle paperwork. Here's an excerpt from one National company's solicitation to agents. Now folk...
SELF SERVE? I really don't know what else to say. Just let your imgaination run wild. And thank you Dundee Feed and Hardware Store for the photo oppportunity.     Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close. Want to find out more? ***I am NOT ...
Well this one was not easy. Sun Trust took 11 months to approve this Short Sale! Nine of those were waiting on the file to be assigned to a negotiator. During this time we lost 2 buyers and finally found one to stick.....I thought. About 3 weeks ago I received the approval to close. Even though ...
Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about communication. In my opinion, lack of good communication skills and/or systems is the number 1 reason why Sellers and Buyers complain about their agents. In fact, just about every time I go meet with a Seller who has just had their listing expire...
Hi folks. Let's talk a little bit about Real Estate market conditions in SoliVita. Recently I have spoken to several SoliVita homeowners and the first thing they mention is that NOTHING is selling in SoliVita. Well lets look at some facts. The figures below are based on the first half of each ye...
Hi folks. Kind of a lazy hot Florida day today. I'm just sitting around and was thinking how fortunate we are to be in the business of real estate. Set your own hours, take a day off if you want, meet interesting people, solve problems, help people realize their dreams and get paid well. So I was...
Hi folks. As most of you know Florida has been hit very hard by the Real Estate bust. One of the biggest issues we have is Home Owner Associations (HOA) that are struggling to stay afloat due to so many owners not paying their HOA Fees. Tutas Towne Realty works quite a bit with foreign investors...
Hi folks. Anna "Banana" Kruchten posed this question yesterday "Are you a problem solver or a solution seeker" Her question got me to thinkin'. Considering that we get paid to solve problems I would hope that this would be a no brainer for most. But of course I know it's not.  So my thoughts may...
Hi folks. This Friday at noon Eastern time Tim and Julie Harris of the Harris Real Estate University(HREU) have invited me to be this week's Superstar Interview!!! If you are not familiar with HREU then you must live in a cave. HREU is......well here's a snippet from their website: "HREU is the l...
Hi Folks. If you are involved with any Bank of America Short Sales then you know that they have been using to help make the process go smoother. My opinion is that it is working like a charm. Bank of America Short Sale approvals are coming in 45-60 days instead of the 6-12 months...

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