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Hi folks. I had a seller call me earlier this week needing a Short Sale agent ASAP!! He hasn't made payments for many months and had actually already moved out of the property expecting to be foreclosed on any day now. Chase sent him a letter. And fortunately instead of just throwing it away thi...
Hi folks. Over the last couple of weeks I have sold 3 houses in Poinciana Florida to one of my investor buyers. A few days ago they called needing to get in one of the houses to do some measurements. They needed in ASAP. Now since they hadn't even closed on the house yet I asked them why there w...
Hi Folks. I wrote this post several years ago. It brings up a good point about using images without the creators permission. Be sure to click through to the original post as the comments were very informative. "I'm not touching you!" If you have children or remember your childhood you have probab...
Hi folks. Below is a really good article explaining Mortgage Insurance (MI) and how it relates to Short Sales. More times than not when you as a seller are being asked to sign a promissory note and/or make a cash contribution this request is coming from the MI Company. They are insurance compani...
Hi folks. Bob Hertzog started a good conversation earlier this week on his article.... Attn: Short Sale Listing Agents...READ YOUR LENDER APPROVAL LETTERS BEFORE CALLING ME WITH THE "GREAT NEWS"!! Some how the comments made it around to commissions. One of the responders stated: "...because it i...
  Hi folks. This one will be real short and sweet. After all it is the Readers Digest version. However, I believe if you follow this very brief outline it will help you tremendously in your Real Estate business. Are you ready? OK here goes...... Find out WHO is buying and selling Real Estate. Fin...
  Hi folks. Here's a very good article outlining how to qualify for a HAFA short sale. In my market, Central Florida, most of the short sales I have done were for investors. So HAFA didn't apply. I am however working on my first one at the time of this posting. There are a lot of beneifits to the...
  Hi folks. Here are a few things to help you get your buyer's offer accepted? As, primarily a listing Broker, I can assure you it's not always about the price. So what do I look for in an offer? What can a REALTOR® do to ensure that their Buyer's offer is taken seriously? A purchase offer, just...
Hi folks. Here's a map showing the current foreclosures in Poinciana Florida as of December 12, 2010. The red dots are properties being foreclosed on. They do not include properties that have already been foreclosed on. Need I say more?   Since January 2007 there have been 4646 residential sales ...
Well my answer is easy.....practical. And here's why based on a real life example from this week. REOs (foreclosures) in my area of Poinciana Florida make up 25% of the inventory of homes for sale but 60% of the closed transactions (last 90 days)!! What that means is that REOs are by far the bes...

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